• August 16, 2020

New Music Saturday

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Katey Morley has crafted a batch of very fine, slow-cooked and sonically delicious tunes for her fourth EP, Hearts & Heads & Thoughts & Deeds. In it, you will recognize the seriousness of folk, combined with a heavy dose of country earnestness, and delightfully sing-able pop melodies. 

The EP’s first single – “The Guy Who Breaks Things” – is a dark and twangy account of a well-intentioned mess who accidentally topples everything in his wake. 

Sam the Astronaut (Garrison Johnson and TJ Gibson) pursued their musical ambitions independently while discovering a mutual admiration for each other from afar. Their creative paths finally aligned when they simultaneously found themselves between projects looking for a fresh musical perspective and finding that in one another. With that, Sam the Astronaut, a mix of snappy pop, new-wave electronic, hip-hop grit, funky disco was born.

The duo’s new single, “Monster Squad (Love So Crazy),” is a pop anthem about the confidence of being a part of something, like the Monster Squad from Fred Dekker’s 1987 movie The Monster Squad.


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