• January 26, 2021

New Music Monday

Mear is an indie-pop collaboration between singer-songwriter Frances Miller and electronic composer Greg Harrison. Together, their music combines catchy melodies and poignant lyrics with their shared love of experimental music. They released their debut single, “Perfect Mess,” earlier this year and are following up with new single “Soft Chains”.

Soft Chains” is upbeat, but lyrically leans darker, touching on toxic relationships. This theme is translated in the video – trying your hardest to make something work when it’s completely and fundamentally unworkable.

 Melbourne based Goth Pop songstress Babalon has just released her new single and music video ‘Scream’. The video was recently premiered via The Music

Babalon creates a unique brand of music that is truly intoxicating.

The mystery of Babalon emerges from the chaos of Her rebellion and the burning desire of Her psyche.

She awakes in a nightmarish landscape during an early morning dream, where She slowly discovers this is not Her world. She has become lost in imagination and trapped by Her creation.

The talented artist recently released her debut album ‘Draconis’. The album is a vast soundscape that entrances listeners from start to finish.

New single ‘Scream’ is available on all major online stores.

Kayla Williams is an Alberta-based singer/songwriter whose sound is characterized by catchy melodies and full harmonies, layered over a backdrop reminiscent of decades past, pulling from the ‘60s to the ‘80s. Her love of oldies music is represented by her soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, while modern influences are clear in her songwriting. 

Her new single “Stealing From My Youth” was recorded with JUNO Award winning producer, Spencer Cheyne (Jocelyn Alice, Brett Kissel). “I wrote this song in the midst of the chaos when we were mostly housebound,” says Williams. “In many ways, not being able to live life ‘normally’ felt like there were days being taken from me, like the pandemic was stealing from my youth.”

Brisbane based Indie Rock artist Myrrh has just released his debut EP ‘I Reason, I’.

The EP is a collection of well-produced Indie Rock tracks that are earnest and infectious.

He has also released a stunning music video for his track ‘Stranger’

Myrrh is the moniker of James Rhodes, who up until now has been quietly working behind the scenes alongside a handful of great Brisbane artists; OKBADLANDSAzuraLucinda RCloe Terare and Emily Coulson to name a few. The multitalented artist creates a unique brand of music loaded with glittery synths, pensive top lines and Alt-Pop sensibilities.

After years of helping other bands and artists get their show on the road, it was time for Myrrh to head into the studio to track his debut EP.Myrrh recently released his debut single and music video ‘Redder’. The beautifully produced single portrays the journey of love and loss, and was the first offering from his new EP. ‘Redder’ has been aired on radio stations throughout the world and has received positive coverage from the likes of The MusicAround The SoundLife Music Media and many more. 

Debut EP ‘I Reason, I’ is available on all major online stores.
MYRRH | EP LAUNCH Nov 28th – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD Tickets available at www.eventbrite.com.au | 18+ only 


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