• July 14, 2020

More favorite interviews done in the last 10 years.

Ok here are some more people I have interviewed in the last 10 years who I have enjoyed interviewing.

Kelsey Lewis

Photo by Jonathan George

What talented singer songwriter she is. She is such a lovely person at that. Meeting her in 2015 amazing, she was a pleasure to interview in person. She totally rocks.

Belinda Chapple

Embed from Getty Images

I’ve interviewed Belinda twice and I am a fan of what Belinda does. She has always been an amazing singer and she still looks stunning for her age.

Katie Cole

Photo by Me

I’ve known Katie since 2005 and is an incredible singer songwriter. Every thing she has done has been first rate. I love her music and is way cool that she is working with The Smashing Pumpkins.

Alex Van Zeelandt

Photo by LMG Images

Was really a dream to meet her finally and interview her. This stunning lady is switched on and is an incredibly hard working talent. She deserves everything that comes her way.

Elise Jackson

Photo by Adam Hendershott

Interviewing Elise all those years ago was exciting. She is a talented actor, screenwriter and runs a theater company for kids/teenagers. She is a real talent.

Kaitlin Thomas

Photo by Michael Marion Kluch Photography

Being able to interview Kaitlin was a dream. This talented actor and model has a great catalogue of work and grateful for the times we got to chat for the site.

Edita Brychta

Photo by Lauren Cassidy

This talented actor I came across in the TV series Tropical Heat in a guest role and was very impressed. Lucky enough to have interviewed her a bunch of times. Always has been lovely to me.

Sophie Armstrong

Photo by Ivan Otis

Sophie is an incredible violin player and has been a fan for years. So interviewing her was a dream come true and yes I got to meet her years ago now. But her catalogue of music is just amazing.

Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins is an amazing country singer songwriter whom I first came across because of her role in the film Deadline. I have been a fan ever since and continue to support all that she does.

Miss Elm

Photos by Steph Doyle

I’ve been a fan of her music for years now and have hanged out with her a bunch of times. This talented singer songwriter always continues to impress and will always continue to support.

Lexi Strate

Photo by Travis Nesbitt

I adore Lexi’s music, she is a great singer songwriter and her catalogue of music is very impressive.

Shannon Hurley

Photo by MF Dinan

I think I have every thing Shannon has released on CD that how much of a fan of Shannon’s music and hopefully next time I am back in America I get to meet her finally

Christie Lamb

Screenshot from my video interview with her

I adore Christie Lamb music and have had the pleasure of interviewing her a bunch of times. In addition seen her play plenty of times and have met her in person. She is one of the best country singer songwriters in Australia right now.

Rya Meyers

Photos copyright respected holders.

Interviewing Rya was great. She really is a great actor and a total sweetheart. She continues to impress me with all that she does.


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