• July 11, 2020

Miss Elm new song Clean Slate out today and single launch today

I adore Miss Elm and what she does as an musician and I am lucky to know her and this is her new song Clean Slate is out today and also being launched today 4th of August in Brisbane you should go to the single launch here

Photo by Steph Doyle

Ukulele Folk- Pop Princess is back with her new single that is the epitome of all things re-birthed; ‘Clean Slate’.

Fiery redhead singer-songwriter Miss Elm, known for her angelic 3 octave range and finalist nomination in the Qld Music Awards, has returned to the scene with her intriguing melodies and stories entwining love, life’s journey and overcoming obstacles with her new stripped back acoustic sound.

Her heart-led folk songs are captivating Brisbane’s local acoustic-loving crowds and they’re in for a treat with her new single.

With baritone ukulele, booming bass and layered vocals, “Clean Slate” is about forging new paths, listening to your heart and leaving behind the old to embrace the new.

“My feet are glued to the floor, but I know that my heart wants more” – lyrics from “Clean Slate

Brisbane based Miss Elm, was born to a plane crash surviving jazz musician and a dramatic actress and thus was destined to creatively express. In another lifetime, Miss Elm was a 4 piece band that toured Australia’s East Coast but wiping her slate clean, Miss Elm comes back to the basics in her new solo ukulele project .
Clean Slate’ is out now and accompanied by a live show at The Milk Factory, 4pm, today.


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