• July 10, 2020

Miss Elm Interview

Photos by Steph Doyle

Miss Elm is some one I am huge fan of and have known her for a number of years. She is releasing her new song Clean Slate on the 4th of August. She is gonna be launching the single at The Milk Factory event details here


1. What was the inspiration behind the new song?

For me the last 6 months has been a big theme of ‘letting go’ and stepping into this new, evolved person who I’d been too afraid of being until now. I had been hanging onto old beliefs about my self not being good enough as an artist and felt I always needed to have flashy skills, or a big traditional four piece band to be considered a ‘serious’ artist (whatever that means!). This was about accepting myself where I was at in life, with some massive personal curve balls thrown in, it is about wiping the slate clean and rebirthing all of those things I’d dreamed of doing in the past, and finally letting go of the safety net to just be enough being myself, as a solo artist.  I’ve got a new sound entirely based on Ukuleles and I’m loving it.

2. Was it different in how it was written to other songs you have done in the past?

Yes totally different. I wrote this song in an hour, and apart from adding an extra instrumental section in the production I didn’t change a thing. I had joined an online community called ‘I heart songwriting club’ and it was the very first song I submitted in the program. It seemed like it had been brewing under the surface and came out fully formed. It was a beautiful moment that most often doesn’t happen when writing songs!

3. Has your songwriting changed from previous years?

I’d say it’s much more evolved now. I don’t put as much expectation or judgment on my work when in the creative process, and it’s way more fun that way. Nowadays I’m much faster at birthing an idea as I let it flow, whatever comes out in the first hour or so is recorded, and then I let it sit for a day or two and come back to it, rather than trying to make it a ‘hit song’ or anything, I know that it’s a numbers game. 1 in 10 songs might be amazing, so it is more a matter of writing more rather than stewing over just one idea. 

4. What inspires you now when songwriting?

My songwriting is a beautiful tool I use to manoeuvre whatever is happening in life. It’s less about being ‘inspired’ and more about coming home to myself when I sit down to write something. It’s like I’m having a beautiful discussion with my own higher power, like the blue sky that is always there behind the clouds, no matter what the weather, it’s always there, waiting for you to return the call to co-create. It’s like a spiritual practice to me. 

5. How does the Ukulele play a part in what you do?

The Ukulele is my main instrument I write on, and has definitely helped me expand my musicianship. From teaching and studying Ukulele (I run workshops and love it!) I have a much rounded knowledge of music and love how my music has more depth. There is literally SO much you can do on Ukulele! Everything from Thunderstruck to Hallelujah… the worlds my oyster.  The size of it is  also great to travel with so gives me more opportunity to write and perform wherever I am. 

6. How did teach Ukulele come about?

How did I get to teach Ukulele? It’s a very boring story… but funny. I was really broke and sick of working in retail to support my music career… a friend suggested I teach some Ukulele at a Child Care Centre (with a background in Classical Violin… I figured it couldn’t be too hard), and then I loved it so much I based my business and life around it! I now teach, do workshops, have a range of Ukulele Ebooks, online tutorials and best of all write and perform. 

7. How important is social media to you as an artist and growing your fan base?

It’s one of the best tools to connect with fans and the community, so very important. My main aim is to create a wonderful community of people who enjoy my music, want to connect, contribute and want to be part of the journey. 

8. What the best piece of advice you have received as an artist?

That likes and follows don’t dictate your worth.  Comparison is the thief of joy. 

9. Will there be an EP or an album in the future?

I’m in it for the long haul so I’d say definitely yes. But can’t give exact dates.

10. What next for yourself?

I’m excited to see the release of Clean Slate! I’m working on bringing new and exciting things to my live show, and looking forward to touring in the future. 


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