• July 11, 2020

Michelle Baena

Used with permission from Michelle herself. Taken by her.

Michelle Baena is one of my favorite people interviewed period. I came across her in 2005 and knew I had to interview her. She also unbelievably beautiful and really a total sweetheart.

She is a model and first and foremost a mom and dedicated to her kids. She is also a vegan. Dedicated to the causes she believes in. She really is such a natural beauty. She can look stunning with little make up on and she still looks like a million dollars.

She is genuine as they come. She is real deal to me. She always been so supportive of me and my little site and has appreciated my support. We were meant to meet up finally last time I was in America and I was totally grateful for her trying to make an effort to meet me but next time we are gonna make it happen.

I love this photo of her, so I had to use it and she kindly let me use it. She sells stuff on eBay which you can find the link via her site below. Long as I run my site here she will have my support on my site always. So why I’m giving her more support on My Site



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