• August 11, 2020

Melanie Kim Interview

Melanie Kim

Interview With Melanie Kim By Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for your interest in me and my career and Tech TV. Isn’t it
a great channel?
It’s the best gig I’ve ever had in my broadcasting career which has taken
me from Hollywood covering the stars,
to being a news anchor and reporting covering events like Pope’s visit to
flying with the Blue Angels.
Because technology touches pretty much everything in our lives now, the
stories I get to cover are interesting, entertaining
and as a reporter a lot more fun personally than some of the regular news
stories I’ve covered.

I got into this crazy biz as an intern for CNN in Los Angeles. It was one
of those stories
about hard work and good timing: I offered to do stories that other
reporters didn’t really want to do
so they all really liked having me around as an intern. And in turn when an
entry level position as
an production assistant opened up they all pushed for me to get it – and I

It’s an exciting job – I get access to do things (like pull 7gs in a Navy
fighter jet) and meet
people (like major newsmakers) that other people might not have the
opportunity to do. But it’s not all
glamour! It’s fast paced, stressful (because you’re always racing the clock
to get the story in on time)
and in spite of what a lot of viewers think I don’t get my hair and makeup
done every show – we do it
ourselves (although we do get pointers from experts.)
But the job is a great fit for me because I love, more like NEED, to be
constantly learning new things all
the time – otherwise I get bored. And boredom is the worst thing in my
book! As someone who has been something
of a technophobe I love that I am learning so much about technology and I’m
getting into all sorts of fun gadgets.
I may have been a cheerleader in high school, but I’ve become a
full-fledged geek! And that is cool.

As for your question about music and movies well I’m kinda predictable
I like pretty much all music – if it’s good! I like alternative, rock,
hip-hop, country (yes I love country music) world beat, Latin, jazz, and
classical depending on what mood/situation I’m in. Right now though my
favorite songs are Nickelback’s “Someday” and Massive Attack’s “Tear Drop”
and Usher’s “Yeah”. So as you can see I have very diverse musical tastes!

Movies.. I don’t like violence and horror so I steer away from that – I’m a
very empathetic person so I get
really upset with disturbing images, cruelty, etc. But I love movies that
are smart and make me LOL and cry!
Here are some of my favs: The Natural, Shakespeare in Love, Searching for
Bobby Fisher, Shawshank Redemption,
and Dumb and Dumber. My favorite movie stars are Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey!

Now on the subject of file-sharing. I’m all for it cuz I’m for the smart
guy! I do feel for the artists, but
if the record companies and the movie studios don’t like it then it’s up to
then to hire the MIT type/smart nerds to keep up with new technology and or
better try to see what might be coming.
I think file sharing has forced the big corporations to offer some
alternatives that work for the artists and for the consumers (because they
don’t feel like they’re ripping off the artists they love anymore) like
itunes did. I love that kind of solution – one that everyone could live

In ten years I hope I’m producing my own entertaining tv shows where I call
all the shots! That way I can work when I want to, put some fun ideas I
have out there and work with all the fun, hardworking creative people I’ve
crossed paths with in my career!

Best of luck to you on the redesign of your website! And thanks for tuning
in to Tech Live!



Special thanks to Melanie Kim and Tech TV for hooking this up. You people rock


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