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Lydia Phillips Interview

Lydia Phillips

Lydia Phillips
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Interview With Lydia Phillips By Chris 2/10/07

Lydia Phillips is something really special, when I first saw the poster for launch gig I wanted to know more, so I looked her up and what I heard blew me away. So expect a review soon and yes I will be putting my money where my mouth is and I will be seeing her live next week. She is simply something really special.
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1.How did you get into music?

I started singing around the time I started talking. I used to sit in the backseat of the car as a little kid singing along to Andrew Lloyd Webber tapes and imagining I was on stage. And it just kinda stuck.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Artists who wrote lyrics carefully. I liked Jewel’s earlier albums, Natalie Merchant, that kind of thing.

3. Who were your influences?

Sarah McLachlan has been a huge influence, as has Natalie Merchant.

4. Are you happy with the responses from the ep?

Yes, so far we’ve had really positive feedback – hoping for more responses in the coming weeks as we’re launching the EP on Thursday 18th October.

5. How was the recording process for the album?

I was lucky enough to record with a great group of musos – a very enthusiastic and very talented group. It was a steep learning curve for me but our producer was good at both listening and suggesting.

6. Has the internet helped with your music?

For sure. It’s really exciting to get feedback from listeners in other states and countries and to feel that independent artists can connect with audiences without the middle man.

7. Do you think tools like MySpace are useful?

Absolutely. Myspace is great for developing an audience but also for discovering other artists who I wouldn’t otherwise hear.

8. Is it hard to get radio to play your music?

We’ve only begun seeking airplay recently, but so far it’s going well. The hardest part is trying to tune in and catch it when it’s on air!

9. Have you had much response from radio?

We’ve had good responses from community radio so far – will keep you posted!

10. Are you happy the way that Hibiscus January has turned out?

Yeah I am. I’ve been working on the release for a year on and off, and I’m really happy with the sound. That said, the band and I have already changed some of the tracks, and it’s exciting to see how the songs evolve.

11. What is your favourite venue to play at?

I really enjoyed playing shows at Manchester Lane a few times – it’s got a real warmth to it and the crowds were great.

12. Who would you most like to record a song with and play with?

At the moment, Ryan Adams. I’d like to duo with a male singer and I love the way his simple piano ballads morph into these beautiful orchestral pieces.

13. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Currently Simon Imrei (who’s supporting us at our EP launch), Josh Rouse and Pete Yorn.

14. What are some of your favourite musical artists/bands?

Oh god there’s heaps! Catherine Feeny, Amos Lee, Oasis, Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, Liz Stringer, Pete Yorn, Abra Moore, James Morrison, Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Buckley to name a few. But I also love pianists/composers from the early 20th century, particularly the Russians and Eastern Europeans.

15. What has been the highlight so far?

I think holding the finished EP in my hand. It’s a cliché, but as I oversaw all stages of production as an independent artist, it’s great to have the tangible product to represent the year’s work. It’s exciting to put it out there and we can now start thinking about growing and evolving, having laid some foundations and done the documenting.


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