• June 23, 2021

Listen to “Man Like You” by Phantom Atlantic

Toronto outfit Phantom Atlantic have crafted an atmospheric sound of intensity and pressure since arriving on the scene in 2017, welding Radiohead eccentricity to a Foo Fighters arena-rock frame of airtight guitar punch and chest-rattling rhythm.

Their forthcoming EP, produced by Steve Molella of Finger Eleven, narrates the cycle of looking inward for a way out. In line with Your View of a Former Me, new single “Man Like You” cinematically explores an ideal self that feels continually out of grasp – and may only be an illusion.

Shape-shifting throughout its four minute runtime, “Man Like You” moves from creeping verses and pulsing choruses toward a climactic moment of soaring catharsis that – much like the fantasy of personal triumph laid out in its lyrics – inevitably proves to be fleeting.


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