• November 20, 2019

Lips Interview



Lips is a talented NZ Electro soul synth living in New York. I like what she was doing as an artist and an interview was a must. So read on and find out why is going places.


1. How did winning a Silver Scroll help you as an artist?

It gave me confidence in my songwriting, and encouraged me to keep writing.  Also, it opened up a lot of doors for me in New Zealand and I was able to play bigger shows with the added exposure.

2. Why did you decide to move to NYC?

I was working in NZ as a freelance keyboard player which was great, but I love American music, particularly soul/blues/jazz/rnb and I wanted to move to the heart of it and soak it up for a while.

3. How has living in NYC helped you as an artist?

Someone said to me the other day that living in NYC is like looking in a mirror; it forces you to identify what it is your good at, and what you have to offer.  It forces you to find your voice.  And that’s what NYC gave me, I started writing a ton of music, I started singing, and then eventually I formed Lips.

4. How has new surroundings helped inspire you when writing music?

It’s a different tempo in NYC compared with NZ.  There’s a heightened energy and I think that comes out in the music that’s made here.  It’s a bit darker I think then alot of the music made in NZ, and I would say that’s true of the music i have written since moving here.

5. Whom would you most like to collaborate with?

Damon Albarn and Sampha.

6. When will your EP be out in Australia?

December 11th!

7. What does 2014 have in store for you?

I’m writing a full-length album, going to NZ to make the music for a play, and I plan to play a bunch of shows all over.

8. Are Australian tour dates on the cards?

Not yet, but hopefully soon!

9. What would we find you listening to at the moment?

Fingazz, Teddy Pendergrass and  Alanis Morissette.


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