• August 11, 2020

Larisa Oleynik Interview

Larisa Oleynik

Larisa Oleynik
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Interview With Larisa Oleynik By Chris

Larisa Oleynik is an actor who work I have liked
Ever since I saw her in 10 Things I Hate About
She has done some great roles and I can’t wait to see her
in more.
What is even more cool is that she listens to Rilo
So naturally I wanted to find out more.
1. How did you get into acting?

I started acting professionally by sheer luck, with no real
intention of ever pursuing it as a career. When I was 8, my
godparents found an ad in the newspaper advertising
auditions for the musical Les Miserables. I took the day
off school, auditioned, and everything else happened from

2. Did you ever imagine that Alec Mack would become a
popular show?

That was also a great, wonderful surprise. I am very proud
to have been a part of such a successful and morally
grounded show.

3. What kinda movies roles would most like to

I think it always depends on the script, the director, what
other actors are involved, what kind of space Im in,
etc… I don’t have any real agenda,

4. What your favourite type of genre of

I like movies that are honest, have heart and are moral
without, of course, losing their artistic sensibility or

5. Who would you most like to work with?

There are so many! But to make things simple, it would
fulfill a very dire childhood crush to work with Christian


6. Did you enjoy playing a character like Jules in A
Time For Dancing?

Making that movie was a wonderful experience for me,
especially to throw myself into such a rich character. The
trickiest part was trying to convey the relationships that
are affected by Jules’ cancer with truth. There are
definitely moments I would change now, but it was overall a
very satisfying experience.

7. Who has been your favourite character to

I think I may have just answered that above…

8. Was it fun to play a character like Bianca in 10
Things I Hate About You?

Absolutely, because that is the type of girl I was
terrified of in high school! It would have been more fun
without all those short skirts, however.

9.Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Honestly, I have yet to encounter a really bad working
experience. Sets are really my favorite places to be
because of the many varied and interesting people you get
to meet, interact and collaborate with. And I have always
developed strong bonds with female costars. No cattiness


10. What are some of your favourite movies?

Um, Dazed and Confused is the movie I own that I cant even
begin to count how many times I’ve seen. Maybe its
not high art, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an
awesome movie.

11. What movies you have seen recently that you really

Before Sunset, Maria Full of Grace, The Village and The
Notebook. I was so cynical about seeing the Notebook, but I
cried through the whole thing.

12. Have you seen any movies that made you walk out or
turn of the tv?

I try and stick through most of them, if only to see if
there will be some kind of redeeming quality.

13. What is your view on the studios remaking movies and
what you remake?

You know, I’m quite torn on this one. I think that
there are some examples of originality to be found in
remakes that shed new light on the originals themselves. I
was not a fan of the original Manchurian Candidate, not a
fan of the book, but I really enjoyed this most recent

14. What is your view on realty tv?

I just don’t watch it.

15. What do you think of the American Idol

Never really seen it.

16. What are some of your favourite musical

My favorite band will always be No Doubt. It was the first
concert I ever went to when I was 14 and Ive seen them
probably 14 times since! They’re just a super tight
live band with so much energy. Cynics, be damned.

17. What would we find on Larisa Oleynik

Im absolutely addicted to the new Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis
is a goddess. Ive also got some old Throwing Muses, The
Rentals. Those three have been going together nicely for me
of late.

18. Do you know when Bringing Rain is getting released
on dvd?

I wish I did. I have yet to see it myself.

19. Would you ever go overseas to do a movie

Absolutely. In fact, that sounds kind of dreamy.

20. Have you got any new acting jobs in the

I am working for a few days right now on a movie called
Pope Dreams. It’s a small role, but I really like the
script, especially because I get to have this huge fake
family. I seriously love my job.


Special thanks to the Savage Agency and of course Larisa
for kindly doing this.


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