• April 15, 2021

Katie Costello Chat

Katie Costello Chat


I chatted with the amazing Katie Costello today about her music and the album you should all have Lamplight. 

 Katie Costello is one of the new breed of singer songwriters
doing it her way. Her debut album Lamplight is winning fans all over. She
talked about the recording of her album was a real easy experience to do and
how her producer made her feel at ease when recording the album. She told me
her tour with Toad And The Wet Sprocket was really good and how lovely the
audiences were to her music.  How she
lucky is to have a great community of musician friends who are all supportive
of each other music and how they help each other, she feels that they have been
some of the greatest support she has to her music. She keeps her ideas for
songs down in her diary.

She has been blessed with the radio support she has been
given so far and how she had people come to her shows because of it.  She thinks the internet and social media has
been a great support to her music and how it keeps her closer to her fans.  She thinks the Internet has been fantastic, as
she gets to know straight away what people think of her and she loves that
aspect and loves getting the great response from bloggers and music websites.
She believes major labels will always be there as but she prefers to be
independent so she can do the music her way.

Katie was really surprised when I told her how I discovered
her music through the website alternative addiction and how I told a friend and
she went and bought all her releases on ITunes.  She currently touring and hopes to record
again real soon.




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