• May 17, 2021

Katey Laurel Interview

Katey Laurel


Photo by Artheffron Photography.

Katey is amazing singer songwriter in America doing good things. With sponsors and winning awards behind her the sky is the limit. She kindly answered my questions so read on.


1. Are you happy to the responses to the latest release?

I have been very happy with the response to my last EP “From Here”. It seems like there are folks all over the world continuing to discover it and connect with the songs. I also received some airplay from a number of Triple A and Adult Contemporary stations in the US. Press was very kind. It’s a good launching point for my next recording!

2. What was the inspiration for the release?

My inspiration in releasing “From Here” was a collection of songs I had written over the past few years. It really was a vote of optimism for myself, from myself, with a little extra support from my fans. I wanted to put out something deeply personal, and as the title track suggests, I’m looking at life from where I’m at and asking some good questions. It is a good place to be.

3. Why use kickstarter to fund your next record?

I have met SO many new listeners since “From Here”, and I really wanted to offer those new members of the KL tribe (as well as the original folks) a chance to be a part of my next record, come along behind the scenes with me and be a part of the process. I truly believe this will be my best work yet.

4. Are you happy how that is gone?

I have about a third of the campaign left and am hopefully that the shortfall funds I need to make the record I envision will come in through the generosity of my fans. I LOVE the process of Kickstarter and the platform they have for interacting, posting songs and videos and notes and in general sharing the journey with the fans.

5. How does it feel to have sponsors behind your music?

It feels amazing to have the rallied support of my listeners! I know that I am making this music as much for them as for myself. Thanks to each one of them! It is truly the best form of validation for a new work of art to be patronized.

6. How is drawing and painting different to writing and perform music?

The 2 dimensional artwork I create is different in that it is very solitary, in fact, completely introspective. There is never a collaborative experience, whether that’s co-writing a song or performing with an audience in mind – those people come together to collect a collective experience. Artwork for my is deeply therapeutic, relaxing and a catalyst for other creative thoughts. I’m sure when my mind is emptied by creating a piece, that is when the new thoughts can come in to write new and better songs.

7. What inspires you when drawing or painting?

I’m usually inspired by something I see, whether that’s something in nature or a photo that my husband takes. He laughingly said “You’re painting all the pictures I take.” Something like that. If it’s beautiful, I’m often inspired to recreate an interpretation of it. I actually took a ten year hiatus from art and am just now resurfacing.

8. What does 2013 mean for you?

I hope it means the next step! I would love for this to be the breakout year for me when I begin to reach new listeners that the songs were meant for, all over the globe! I’d like to take another step in technology and begin performing on Stageit for the widespread listeners since touring is not realistically in my budget at this time. 2013 could be the start of something big. I’m working on making it the best it can be!

9. How does feel to have festivals behind your music in winning awards and being a finalist?

Honestly, those awards and festivals were all great experiences and they just add to my credibility. I’m thankful that knocking on doors has become easier because of them. Some people are even knocking on my door now. 🙂

10. How does it mean to you connecting with your fans?

Connecting with fans is my favorite part of the whole experience. Music is meant to be shared, and that experience builds new bridges for understanding. I’m glad I can somehow be a spokesperson for people’s feelings through my own and putting them down in song.

11. How does social networking help you?

Social Networking has been such a great way to meet new people I never would have otherwise – both listeners and industry folks. I am VERY thankful for the platforms to be able to connect with people!

12. How does tools like airplaydirect and sonicbids help you as an artist?

Airplay Direct was instrumental in getting my music to a lot of internet and some terrestrial radio stations with my last release, especially the ones in Europe and Australia. Sonicbids is the submission platform for many gigs, conferences and festivals, so it’s sort of indispensable. I personally really like Reverbnation, they’ve been great to me. I’m actually #1 on the Pop Charts for Denver, Colorado (where I’m located) on there right now and I meet new fans everyday because of it!

12. What next for yourself?

Hopefully a tropical vacation. 🙂 Oh wait, I have a record to finish first, then the REAL work of getting it out there begins. Thanks for chatting Parx-E! I’m glad we met!


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