• April 21, 2021

Karen Waldrup – The Beginning EP Review

Karen Waldrup – The Beginning EP (Self Released)

Karen Waldrup is an extremely talented singer songwriter from Nashville whose latest release is a first class EP worthy of your time. There are six songs in total, which are written with others except the last track which she wrote on her own. The opening track Not The Man For Me is a solid tune with great musicianship, solid vocals and lyrics. Its a country ballad that lets Karen vocals truly shine. Sneaky Feeling is a catchy country rock song with great musicianship, vocals, lyrics and solid songwriting. Whiskey Straight is another winning tune, catchy and well written, her vocals and times remind me a bit of Beth Hart. Production and musicianship are first class. The title track The Beginning is my pick off the EP, it’s a catchy ballad country rock song that has solid lyrics, great vocals and songwriting The use of violin and harmony on the track is a great choice. Don’t Worry About Me is another pick off me, love the use of the electric guitar alongside the acoustic. Karen voice is solid here. I dug this song heaps. The last song Lucky In Love And Money is another catchy tune, it’s got a a kind of feel good vibe to it. Her vocals and lyrics shine. If you love good music and something that is really good. Karen Waldrup is it. This EP shows off how talented she is and how you will be hearing a lot more about her if you have not. I was blown away by it. Worth your time.


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