• August 15, 2020

Kara Connolly – Life In Rear View Album Review

Kara Connolly – Life In Rear View

Photo by Betsy Newman and used with permission from Kara Connolly

Ok when I came across Kara last year, I was like who this person. Why hadn’t I came across her music earlier. This is her debut album and it’s one of the best debut albums for an artist I have came across in a long time. She is a singer songwriter who to me has blended the best elements of folk, pop and even country into something that is truly special. Life In Rear View sets up the album with a beautiful folk pop song that shows of her incredible voice and song writing. Nice Guy is a catchy number that is infectious to the ears and you will be singing along in no time. If It’s Jack is another catchy number where her vocals shine. The use of the guitar is nicely done and you can hear the first rate production of the album. Let Me Go is a one of my favourites off the album. It’s a beautiful pop ballad that shows off her vocals, song writing, the musicianship and the production. Fall just shows off that simple works best with just guitar, vocals and beat. It shows off how talented she really is and how she mixes it up nicely. Highlight Reel is another winner for me, just a good tune that shows off the song writing and production. WTF is another stand out for me and yes what the title is used in the song and I found that for an upbeat catchy pop tune it works. Her vocals shine here like they do throughout the album. Abuser is another catchy pop tune where the song writing, lyrics and vocals shine. Like I’ve Never Loved Somebody is a beautiful ballad where the lyrics and her incredible voice shine. Marry Me is another song that shows off the song writing and vocals. Other People is my favourite song off the album it’s a beautiful catchy number that screams hit. The way song is written, to how it is structured. From the way the lyrics are written to how it is performed. Screams winner to me. This is a great album, an album by an artist who has put something together that is magical and beautiful at the same time. The song writing and production are a grade. Kara voice just shines throughout. If you love good music, you can’t go past this album, one of the best of 2019.


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