• September 23, 2019

Kaitlin Thomas Interview

Kaitlin Thomas


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Kaitlin Thomas is a talented American actor and model and also extremely attractive. I liked what she was doing, so I knew I had to have an interview with her on the site.  Expect to see more of her


1. How did you get into acting and modeling?

My first on-screen experience was at age twelve when I was featured in the Adam Sandler comedy, “Mr. Deeds.” The movie was partially shot in my hometown and I eagerly lined up with thousands of other men, women and children to fight for one of the few featured extra spots available in the film. I was chosen and I was ecstatic! It was a very exciting experience. Soon thereafter, I began attending castings in New York City and started booking guest starring television roles and commercial spots. I signed with an agent and manager while attending college at Fordham University and also fell into print modeling at that time.

2.  What has been the highlight so far?

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be involved in so many great projects including spots for Teen Nickelodeon, Spike TV, MTV, the SYFY Channel and the Travel Channel, but one of my most memorable experiences was actually for a commercial shoot. I accompanied a small crew from Tokyo on a tour through the southwest states and filmed in some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen – including the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Bryce Point, Utah. Traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cities are some of my favorite facets of this industry.

3. How is acting different to you compared to modeling?

Preparation. The evening before a big modeling shoot I may get in bed early and flip through a fashion magazine for inspiration, but extensive preparation is not crucial to my performance. I find that I can step onto a modeling set and just “work it.” My acting preparation, however, is more comprehensive. Analyzing the script, building a character bio, discovering character intentions and applying substitutions and personalization are all imperative components of my acting method.

4. How does the internet help you with your career?

The internet has been a vital part of my career since day one. Both in LA and NYC, the majority of my castings come from internet sites including Casting Networks and Actors Access. Additionally, the internet allows agencies, casting directors and bookers to view my portfolio, resume and reel with just a click of a button. Social media has also played a pivotal role in my career, as it has allowed me to stay in connection with industry professionals and has been a great self-promoting tool.

5, What kind of role would you most like to play?

I am often cast in comedic roles and toning my comedy skills has been such a thrill the past few years. Ideally, however, I would love to be cast in a role that requires a darker character reality with a deeper sense of emotional vulnerability. I love a good challenge.


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6.  Who has been your biggest help and support of your career?

My parents have been my biggest fans since day one. Before I was old enough to drive, I was actively performing with a professional theatre company located an hour from my small town home in western Connecticut. My mother would cart me to and from rehearsals every day, spend many sleepless nights with me during tech rehearsals and attend every one of my performances. My mother is my rock. My father is also a huge emotional support. He is the half-time coach bursting with inspiration and equipped with motivational words. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my parent’s unending support.

7.  Is there anything you wouldn’t do for a role or a modeling job?

Is there anything I wouldn’t do? Of course! I would never “play dirty” or violate my moral or professional demeanor to land a role or a modeling job. I am in this industry because I love it. I have fun. I see no reason to step on anyone’s toes or compromise my ethics in order to reach my career goals.

8.  How do you keep yourself looking so amazing always?

Hydration and an active lifestyle are my recipes for looking my best every day.  I try to live a very healthy lifestyle which includes eating clean foods, working out and drinking plenty of water. These are my secrets to a fit body, glowing skin and positive energy.

9. How do you prepare for a role?

Some of the things I do to prepare for a role include: a comprehensive analysis of the script, writing a character bio and stream of consciousness, applying substitutions and personalization to the circumstances and other characters as per related to myself and the character and establishing character intentions and desires.

10. How do you memorize lines?

Repetition. The most effective way for me to memorize lines is to say the words aloud. I begin with the first sentence and speak the line verbally in a fast, monotonous tone. I then add the second sentence, third, fourth, etc. I find that avoiding the application of a particular tone or attitude allows for easier memorization. Intentions and vocal range can be applied later in the process.

11. What have you seen recently that you have enjoyed?

I recently saw “Cinema Paradiso” for the first time and was so taken by the story and characters. I am a sucker for old movies and anything that tears at my heartstrings.  A must watch for all movie lovers!

12.  What is next for you?

I have recently re-located from Los Angeles to New York City and I am currently performing Off-Broadway. I am looking forward to working with a new agency on the east coast and continuing to tone my craft. Fingers crossed that a big campaign, recurring gig on a major network or leading role in an upcoming feature are in my near future!

13. What does 2013 mean to you?



Photo by Dylan Patrick Photography


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