• March 8, 2021


JPOLND – one of the many monikers of Jessica Vaughn – has released the new single, “Time is Running Out.” This is the follow-up to “The End,” the surprise hit which went viral following a feature in the popular Netflix series, Bridgerton.

Since the show’s December 25th premiere, “The End” has been streamed more than two million times on Spotify. It also spent weeks at the top of Shazam’s US discovery chart. These are particularly impressive statistics because “The End” is not featured in Netflix’s official Bridgerton playlist on Spotify, nor is it included in the majority of published lists of music from the TV show. It is notably the only song with lyrics in the entire series.

Vaughn originally stepped into the spotlight as a teenager, under the moniker Charlotte Sometimes. Since her 2008 major-label debut, Waves And The Both Of Us, she has reinvented herself with numerous stage names (JPOLND, which is an abbreviation of her maiden name – Jessica Poland, LACES, Rverside, Jessy Jones, and more) and dipped her toes into other parts of the music industry, such as penning and producing music for cartoons including Jem & the Holograms, writing songs for other recording artists, working as the Director of Sync & Creative at the boutique music publisher, Heavy Hitters Music, and running her own label, Head B*tch Music.

With all these projects, “The End” is Vaughn’s biggest song to date on Spotify. “Time is Running Out” continues to display the openness and cashmere voice that has set her apart throughout her 16-year career. Somehow simultaneously polished and raw – a testament both to her willingness to be vulnerable and the clarity of her vision – her songs mine bleak spaces for hope, and never come up empty-handed. “‘Time is Running Out’ is about people who did you dirty and think they’re going to get away with it,” Vaughn says. “The frenemies, the ex-lovers, and the haters who should learn never to underestimate you again.”

With the success of “The End” and this new release, it’s unlikely anyone will underestimate Jessica Vaughn again anytime soon.


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