• August 3, 2021

Jonathan Roy Shares ‘My Lullaby’ EP

Jonathan Roy knows something about drawing inspiration from all the things that surround him. The universal, the unique, and sometimes the downright random – manifests itself within his process, and gathering from his myriad travels and connections – he has created something that is both familial and engaging. His new tunes are a stunning collection of songs that traverse borders and genres.

It took me leaving my comfort zone, buying (and living) in a van to find myself again. My songs reflect that – and reflect that recharge that I needed. Not only in my artistic life, but in my personal life as well. – Jonathan Roy

Walk Out On Me,” the latest single off of Jonathan‘s new My Lullaby EP, is an indie-pop track about how the greatest relationships are the ones that you fight for. Nowadays, people are quick to give up on things when good things take time.


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