• August 3, 2021

Jonah Matranga Interview

Jonah Matranga

Jonah Matranga is one of my favorite musicians ever, and I’ve loved all the body of work he has done through out the years and it was awesome that he kindly gave up his time to answer my questions. Even better he touring in September here in Australia. So read folks and if you live in Aussie go to a show.

Thu Sep 6 – AUSTRALIA, SYDNEY – The Sando

Fri Sep 7 – AUSTRALIA, NEWCASTLE – The Cambridge Sidebar

Sun Sep 9 – AUSTRALIA, MELBOURNE – The Worker’s Club

Wed Sep 12 – AUSTRALIA, PERTH – The Academy

Sat Sep 15 – AUSTRALIA, BRISBANE – The Crowbar


1. How have things changed for you as musician all the years of playing in various bands and your solo stuff?

JONAH: Honestly, not much. I’ve always enjoyed the more personal side of all this, so I’ve just focused on that more and more.
2. What was the inspiration for the new album Your’re All Those Things And Then You’re None?
JONAH: Well, I was turning
41, which is the final age mentioned in a tune I wrote called ’14 to
41′. One of the final lines in that tune is ‘you’re all those things and
then you’re none’. That sounds a bit bleak, but it’s meant to say that I
think growing up is not needing to be defined by any identity, style,
look or anything else.
3. Why did you make it 2 discs?
just really liked the idea of having totally separate versions of the
tunes. One version is me completely solo. The other is with all of these
people I’ve never met chipping in their ideas. It was an amazing
process to create it.
4. What was it like being back playing in Far again?
JONAH: It’s always fun making that much noise. Maybe it’ll happen more someday.
5. Were you happy with the responses to the album?
JONAH: Very much so. I’m just happy when anyone cares about any of this.
6. What was the inspiration for the album?
JONAH: We really were just enjoying the feeling of making music together. It’s what we do best.
7. How did the album the solo of album of yours And come about?
was made with Ian Love in Brooklyn. We just traded ideas until we had
something we loved. It’s still a record I’m quite proud of.
8. What was the inspiration for the album?
think there is a them of letting go on the album. Making space for
what’s next, which is just what that little word ‘and’ does.
9. Why did you sign with Limekiln Records for the release of that album in America?
JONAH: I had the idea to put out the
record on lots of small independent labels around the world, do a
partnership. I think it worked out wonderfully.
10. What inspires you as a song writer now?
JONAH: Nothing
and everything, I suppose. I just really enjoy the feeling of getting
woken up by a melody or a lyric, then following it through and showing
it to people. It’s all an amazing process that teaches me things
11. How did you get involved in the Fort Minor album?
has been a fan of my music for many years, so he just called me up to
see if I’d come and sing on a couple of tracks. He also had me on a Lupe
Fiasco track he produced. He’s a really great guy, and such a
hard-working artist too. He inspires me.
12. How important is it for you to connect with your fans?
JONAH: That’s
really what it’s all about. The idea and inspiration has to come first,
but right after that is showing the ideas to people in the most
personal, authentic way possible. Minimal bullshit, maximum music.
13. How does social networking help you as a musician connect to your fans?
JONAH: It’s so nice to live in an age where
there’s such a direct connection possible. I like playing with all
sorts of technology to find new ways to say hi.
14. Is their any thing you haven’t done as a musician that you would really like to do?
love to sing old jazz standards, maybe some classical too. So much,
really. I’d love to learn traditional songs from tons of cultures around
the world. I’d love to play the drums in a band. Bass, too. Yea, so
15, Will their be any chance of playing Australia any time soon?
it happens, this September I’ll be there for the first time in years.
I’m looking forward to it. Say hi if you make it out to a show!


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