• April 15, 2021

Jessica Long & The New Kind – Geography EP Review

Jessica Long & The New Kind – Geography (Self Released)

The opening track Simple from this 5 track EP by Jessica Long & The New Kind is the perfect tune and an excellent way to open up a killer EP that is one of the best of the year so far. The song grabs with the word go, it’s has every thing going for it, it’s catchy, well written, sung and performed and shows off how good Jessica Long is as a songwriter. It’s the song that screams radio hit. It’s the perfect rock song. The band is a perfect mixture of indie rock and delivers something special and unique that makes you want more and more. New Kind shows off the band musicianship and Jessica amazing vocals and lyrics.  It captures her and the band perfectly. Remedy starts off with Jessica and acoustic guitar then brings in the full band, the use of male backing vocals in a nice touch and both of their voices work well together. Carry You has solid vocals by Jessica and has acoustic guitar for most of the song with the band and the use of percussion is a nice touch through out the song.  The use of backing vocals is excellent and when the electric guitar comes in alongside the acoustic guitar it just jells together. The band is on fire here. Don’t Cut Me Loose the last track on EP is another winner, just a solid rock song, with the band playing well, Jessica, amazing vocals, lyrics and songwriting are on display like the rest of EP. What can I say but I loved this EP, every song is so good, production is solid, Jessica voice is on fire as is her songwriting and lyrics, The New Kind are an excellent band that truly deliver to give Jessica tunes that special edge to make them sound amazing. This would be one of my favorite releases of the year; everything about this EP is magic.  I loved it and I can’t wait to hear more. You need this now.


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