• August 11, 2020

Jenny Dalton

Jenny Dalton

Jenny Dalton

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Interview with Jenny Dalton By Chris 5/12/08

Jenny Dalton is an amazing singer songwriter I discovered 2 years ago since then she has put out another album, one remix album and she kindly gave a song to my label first release – a compilation.

Her new album Rusalka’s Umbrella is a masterpiece and one of my albums of the year.

So a new interview was a must, so I chattered her about her music,the music industry,being indepedent and the use of myspace and so on. It is a good interview, some good questions and some great answers so listen. So it’s available to download as a podcast.

Jenny Webpage

Jenny Dalton

Please note, the quality isn’t the best but you can most certainly hear the interview and please enjoy

Please contact me if you decide to use the interview somewhere as I took the time do the interview and would appreciate being credited.

Interview is in MP3 Format

Jenny Dalton Interview 25MB


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