• April 21, 2021

Jazz Thornton Interview

Jazz Thornton

Jazz Thornton is an actor, extra and a host from New Zealand.  She found me on twitter so read on and find out more.


1. How did you get into acting?

I have always been into acting, I started drama in year 6 and just carried on, I did heaps of stage productions and plays and then when I was 16 I moved to Auckland by myself to get myself into the industry by getting an agent and making connections.

2. What has been the highlight so far?

Wow, there is so many! But I would have to say the documentary I was the presenter of! I got to go round and interview so many New Zealand TV and Radio personalities and actors, including all the people I used to watch on TV and want to be like, so that was pretty amazing!

3. Who have you enjoyed working with recently?

I am currently working along side Jillian Jensen (X Factor USA contestant) on her New Zealand tour, so its pretty fun and she is an awesome person!! But in the acting world, I would have to say just all the people for the doco, they were all amazing!

4. Who would you most like to work with?

There is a lot of amazing people I would love to work with, one of my main goals is as I get older to work on The Ellen show.

5. How you prepare for a role? I read the script over and over again, I create the character or research the role and people similar to my character.

6. How do you memorizes lines?

Go over and over them. Different things work for different people. I personally prefer reading them out-loud with people.

7. How is being an extra different from acting?

An extra still acts, just a lot less than the actual actors. They normally don’t talk and directors try to make them not too noticeable so they are able to further use them.

8. What has been the highlight of that?

I think just the hype of being in-front of the camera and knowing your going to mess up at some point but everyone does. Its fun!

9. What is next for yourself?

I am going to EXCEL school of performing arts in 2013 and then I am heading off to LA! I am going to keep doing work in NZ while I can though!

10. What does 2013 mean for you and your career?

Its almost like a big start point. Its where I can focus now just on acting and improve, its going to be my year to prepare for LA I think!

11. What have you seen recently you have enjoyed?

How To Meet Girls From A Distance! But I am bias… I live with the main girl in the film, she is an amazing person and so seeing her in the movie just made it that much better!


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