• July 12, 2020

Jasmine Nelson – Hercules Album Review

Jasmine Nelson – Hercules (Baby Leo Records)



I’ve had this album for a while now and I flat out love but with the album finally being released next month, it was time to let me share my thoughts on this amazing album and why I think it’s one of the best of 2015. Her music is jazz oriented but has hints of alternative and a little bit of folk. For starters when I heard Keep Her Close, I was like wow and basically stood up and go now this is an artist. Eliza starts off with a beautiful ballad that shows off her song writing and vocals, and her excellent musicianship. Sorry is a bit more upbeat with the use of beat and drums, her excellent musicianship shines as does her song writing, vocals and lyrics. Hercules the title track is such a beautiful tune that let’s Jasmine vocals, and musicianship and lyrics shine. She is a fantastic piano player. Frightened Of The Ocean has fantastic use of Rhodes throughout the song, Jasmine vocals shine and let’s her amazing song writing speaks for itself. Keep Her Close is the reason why I got into Jasmine, to me it’s the perfect song, well written, beautiful sung and performed. The use of strings just adds to the track and makes it something special. As Long As You’re In Love is another one of my picks off the album, I love the upbeat vibe and the tempo of the song, Its well sung and performed. Heart is another pick, it’s just another well written sung song that I could see easily being a fan favourite. It has a haunting dark feel to the song. Over And Again lets Jasmine amazing piano playing and vocals shine. The Rice Baby is another winner of a track, the use of piano and use of strings is a nice touch and the song writing is excellent. December so well written with the way of the piano is performed and how Jasmine vocals just jell with it, So beautifully haunting. Oh Cecile is a haunting but the use of drums, gives it is a little bit of an upbeat feel to the song. The use of strings also just adds to the track. To See You just finishes off the album on a good note, just a beautiful written, sung and performed song. This is one of the best albums of the year, it’s beautiful written, sung and performed. The production is just amazing. It’s just perfect for this album. It lets Jasmine just shine. It’s beautiful, haunting and moving all at the same time. If you love music where the artist just shines and speaks for itself. This is it. Prepare to be blown away.


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