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Jarvis Jay

Jarvis Jay

Jarvis Jay
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Interview With Jarvis Jay By Chris 7/1/09

Jarvis Jay are one of the coolest bands on the Melbourne Music Scene.

After seeing them play at the espy on nye I was hooked.

The style of music they play is totally awesome.

So read on.

There myspace page

1. Are you happy how the nye espy gig turned out?

1. Yeah overall the New Years gig went well it was especially fun coz we’ve just got our friend Karis into play live guitar and it was his first show so that was pretty exciting too.

2. How did you get involved?

2. We’ve played the Espy quite a bit over the past few years and our manager Darve just hooked it up.

3. What inspires you when writing music?

3. Most of our stuff is written either by myself (TeD) or Whill (Lead Guitar) and we generally bring it together with the other guys who put the final touches on everything..so in terms of what inspires us when writing is really just who we’re hanging around with or what we’re listening to at the time…but i guess its different for each of us.

4. How has radio helped with your music?

4. At this point in time, radio hasn’t really played much of a part for us just because we’ve never released anything which we felt was up to our standard…but hopefully that’ll change with this new recording coming out!

5. Are their any recordings in the pipeline?

5. Yes! Over the years we’ve done various recordings and demo’s but have just never been 100% happy with them, but our bassist Rob has his own studio where we lay down 4 tracks which for the first time we’re really happy with. So there just being mixed/mastered at the moment, and will hopefully be out in the next few weeks.

6. Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

6. I personally find that the show’s we play with friends bands are always the best just because all our friends are there and everyone seems to always have an awesome time. Adelaide band Lady Strangelove in particular always seem to bring out the best (or worst) in us.

7. Have you been affected with venues hiring DJ’s instead of live music?

7. I don’t think we’ve ever really thought about it…we’re pretty open to anything especially coz our manager Darve run’s all sorts of nights (both live and DJ) throughout Melbourne…personally i don’t really see it as a problem coz people are gonna see what they want whether its live music or a DJ.

8. What has been your favorite gig to date?

8. My favorite gig to date was a show we played a few months back at the Birmingham Hotel on Smith Street. It was packed out and everyone was just going crazy dancing and having fun.

9. How has the internet helped the band?

9. I think the internet is an amazing tool for any band especially with things like myspace and facebook where you can just promote pretty much anything you want. It’s also been really good for us to meet other bands from other states and countries and get an idea of what and how their doing things with their music.

10. What has been the response like to your music?

10. Hopefully good! We always seem to get alot of compliments and applause after shows which is always a good sign!

11. What is the long term goal for the band?

11. At the moment our goal is to release this new recording and come back with a new name and new style and hopefully start touring and getting some of the good stuff!

12. How did you get into music?

12. Coz Whill and I are brothers most of the stuff we listen to now is from our parents who had a fairly wide variety of tastes..everything from neil young, pink floyd, meatloaf to Sondheim and classical Irish music. Our cousins also had a pretty huge impact on us too. We used to go over there when we we’re just kids and they’d give us NOFX c. ds and everything else which was pretty cool.

13. What don’t you like about the music industry?

13. Overall i try to stay clear of having an opinion on the music industry. I think that there is alot of really good stuff out there and there’s some really poor stuff, but i think we’ll just keep focusing on what we’re doing and try to improve and try to have a serious impact on people.

There you go man sorry if its a bit long. Let us know what happens with it. Peace.


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