• December 4, 2020

Jane’s Party Interview

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One of my favorite songs of this year is Change Her Mind by Jane’s Party when I got sent this I was hooked. I need to know more. It’s such a good tune. Naturally I told my mates check this out and they were hooked like I was. So this is what Zach and Tom had to say


1. What inspired “Change Her Mind”?

Around the time of writing “Change Her Mind” I was getting into Big Star. “In the Street” was instantly recognizable as the theme from That ’70s Show I’d heard a million times, but I hadn’t realized that the band behind that theme song had all these other great songs too! So I think I was trying to channel some of that “party time” rock & roll atmosphere with what was going on in my life at that time. 

The initial writing of this song happened about 6 years ago, and it came out of trying to understand and navigate our musical careers and relationships as mid-20 year olds. Looking back now at the lyrics, I see a younger version of myself and the place our band in general was in at that time. I think it’s pretty cool because I’ve never had that sort of hindsight before with a song and I have some very fond memories growing up with my band mates on tour and playing shows.

Choosing songs for an album when your band has 3 songwriters ends up being a pretty selective process and not everyone’s songs make it on every record. With the vibe of this upcoming record, “Change Her Mind” finally found a place in our discography.

2. Why change your style of music just a bit, as it is different to the other material you have released in the past?

It’s funny you say that because I don’t think we think our style has really changed all that much, at least not on this song specifically. Most of the songs we’re about to put out were written before some of the songs on our last album Casual Island were – so in a lot of ways it’s actually a return to an earlier time in our songwriting style.

That being said, we’ve never tried to stick to a single formula or to fit into a specific style or genre either. We all came up studying all kinds of music (jazz, Bossa-Nova, R&B, gospel) and playing in everything from hip-hop bands to country bands, so our experience and inspiration has always been pretty diverse.

We’re all avid music lovers and home-recording junkies, so we’re always checking out new ways to record cool sounds and write songs in part inspired by the new and old music we’re listening to.

3. Are you happy with how the song has been received?

YES! We went in to record this new batch of songs with few expectations. Our last full-length record came out last year and these new songs were initially conceived to be a sort of experiment to bridge the gap to our next full length (which we’ve already been writing). Part of the experiment was working with producers Carlin and Mike from Zeus (a band we grew up loving!) and choosing some of the more rock and roll infused songs that we had put away that hadn’t fit on previous records. As the months passed working in the studio, this low key experimental album gradually turned into much more. 

So it’s been a welcome surprise to see so many people like
Change Her Mind” so much, and we’re really excited for everyone to hear the rest of the record because there are lots of really awesome tunes on it!

4. Was the recording process different to earlier recordings?

Yes. Along with the idea to dig up some older rock and roll songs, we also wanted to return to a more traditional way of recording – for us at least. Our last album Casual Island was almost like a collage of things recorded in various studios and at home over a longer period of time. The four of us didn’t actually get to play the songs together ‘til after the album was done!

So with this new project we wanted to get back to the rehearsal room and back to recording all together in the same studio space. We wanted to capture the energy of all four of us interacting in real time and delivering the kind of performance our band has the reputation for live. As a band, we all love that recording process and I think it comes across on the recordings.

5. Will we see a new album or EP in the works?

Yep, “Change Her Mind” is the first single off of a new album that’s currently in the works. COVID-19 has slowed the release process a little bit, but we’ve been very resilient during this time and have been working steadily at finishing it. Stay tuned!

6. Since live shows in public have been shut down for the moment, has this time inspired you with new material?

Honestly, inspiration over the last 4 months has been hard to come by. There is a constant atmosphere of fear, concern and doubt which for me is not a good place to write from. It’s important to be able to disconnect from those kinds of outside voices and reset every once in a while, but the fact that quarantine has limited our ability to travel and get away from everyday things means that we’ve been forced to deal with all these thoughts and feelings constantly without much opportunity for digestion and reflection.

I’m working hard at gradually reconnecting with the more relaxed, introspective and centered part of myself, from where I find my creativity comes from. It’s been a process of limiting my interaction with the necessary stresses in my life and constantly reminding myself of my goals and purpose. 

There has been an increased push towards more online “content”, as live shows aren’t a thing anymore. In these fast and hectic times we often forget that music is art, not content, and art requires self care, inspiration, and due time.

7. What do you think when venues open up again what changes will you see?

A: I think the uncertainty of these times has sparked venue owners, promoters, festivals and artists to create new performance opportunities. We are already seeing virtual festivals, drive-in concerts, and limited capacity theatre shows. The future is in good hands but it still feels too early to say with confidence how things will change, if the old ‘normal’ will ever return, and what new developments lie ahead. 

8. How important to you are things like Bandcamp?

A: Bandcamp is a great service. I personally like their editorial sections. It feels like they have created their own community for music fans looking for an alternative to more mainstream options. It has also become a creative outlet for artists to explore separate from other streaming services. We’ve seen artists offering demos, sample packs, and instrumentals. We actually released four volumes of “Outtakes” – primarily instrumental songs geared towards sync licensing. It wouldn’t make sense for these songs to live on Spotify or Apple Music, but Bandcamp felt like the right fit.  

9. What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

A: Do one thing everyday for yourself, your business, your family & friends, and your community. 

10. What do you love about the Canadian music scene?

A: I love the diversity and the 1 degree of separation between most people and things, at least in Toronto, Canada where we live. We’re constantly reminded by the incredible network of great friends and musicians we’re a part of, and with every song, video, record, etc., we make, we’re always looking to involve these wonderful people in that process however we can.

The initial creative process can be pretty personal and even insular sometimes. Knowing that there’s this great community there for you to share your art with is a source of inspiration in itself.

11. What is next for Jane’s Party?

A: We’re pretty lucky in these turbulent times that we’re a pretty self-sufficient team of 4 creators, and that’s allowed us to continue to stay productive – putting out new music, live at-home performances, music videos, music lesson videos, outtakes, and other fun stuff.

“Change Her Mind” is just the first song from a brand new batch. We’re getting close to being ready to share a full album with the world and we’re very excited for that!


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