• April 15, 2021

Invaders – Invaders EP Review

Invaders – Invaders EP (Self Released)

A new band in the wake of Townhallsteps, now based in London, doing electronica music and I think it’s good. I’m not a huge fan of this type of music I like it when it’s mixed with a rock band but these guys are real good. 5 tracks that show off the songwriting and production the new direction from what townhallsteps once was. The songs have also industrial like sound to the music. I almost get hints of Nine Inch Nails in the music. My pick off the ep is track number 1 Hummingbird. The song Stand Still And Listen has almost 80’s feel to track,with the beat and rhythm and structure of the song.  If there a song that off the ep that radio could latch onto is English Sky with the great use of piano at the start, it almost feels like a ballad. It’s a beautiful song that I could see people going nuts for. If you like good alternative electronica music you can’t go wrong with this.


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