• June 23, 2021

Introducing Bean


Bean is a international recording pop artist from Dallas, Texas and take it from me this girl is going places. Her sound is exciting and fresh and read on why I think she is awesome and why I had to chat to her about it all.


Photos by Steven Wallace – Optiks Studio

Imagine this you upload your first youtube clip up, you enter a singer songwriter competition, you then start getting interest with music industry heavyweights and you then start working with two producers who have written hits for some known artists. This is the story of international recording pop artist Bean who I discovered online and loved what I had heard. So I had a little chat with her about how she got into music and much more. This will also be why you should be checking out Bean who will be one of the biggest artists in music very soon.

She had always been into music, started out singing in the church choir when she was younger and this last year is when she took her music seriously and this when things started taking off. She entered a singer songwriter competition which a collage was doing, when an A&R from a major label contacted her and from that things are happening for her.

She comes from Dallas, Texas but is in Nashville, Tennessee, finishing up her upcoming release which I am sure will have labels wanting to sign her and fans begging for more and will give people who haven’t heard of her a reason to keep listening to what she is doing. Her music is pop but it’s pop done good, songs that are well written and in a mixture of catchy upbeat tunes and ballads.

Her latest song Cops & Robbers is about a relationship that went bad, and the video clip shows that. She writes a mixture of styles of songs, like Sunshine that dealt with the death of her father and songs like Cops & Robbers which is about a relationship gone bad. The  song Cops & Robbers took 4 hours to write and when she went to the producers with the title they loved it and the song was born. The song was recorded the next day. The song is a fun song but it is about something that happened in her life.  She was so happy how the experience went with Cops & Robbers, she told her manager, I wants do more with these guys and so she went back to Nashville to finish up her upcoming release.

Video Clip for Cops & Robbers

One of the reasons she writes she says is to be able to speak for others that can’t thru her music and get what their trying to say. Kind of like me speaking for them and getting their feeling across for them through the lyrics and the melodies. Bring some relavilty to them and not all about the poppy commercial sound and is really about the deeper meaning behind the lyrics and how music can affect you with the words that you hear.

What inspires her writing is every day, her writing comes so randomly, she could be awake at 3am in the morning and hear the sound of a train at 3am in the morning and she will write these ideas down. But really it’s a mater of life experiences for example her song Sunshine discussed early about the death of her father. The whole idea of being able to write about life situations, she does not say it’s easy but for her, it is due to being through a few difficult situations and have people so eager to listen to what she has to say.

The release will be about introducing the world to Bean. People keeping, asking her why Bean and she says it’s her nickname which is now her stage name. The album will really be get to know her. It will be about the fun side of her and the more serious side of her where the song Sunshine comes in. She say her social networking followers are amazing and will respond to what she puts and up and will generally share what she puts up. It’s such a blessing to her to have those people in her life who believe in what she is doing.

She has been listening to a lot of music that does not sound like her for example The Beatles, Bon Iver, Adele. Bon Jovi. If she could have any one in a video clip she says it would be Jack Black, her reasons are His Humor is incredible and would add a little bit of spice to my videos and my music. She says people would be so surprised by that and the shock factor would make her day,

Take it from me folks Bean is going places, she got good songs and a great sound. This girl is destined for stardom and I believe it will happen. So go on and check out why you need to know and hear Bean.


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