• July 11, 2020

Héloise – Nothing But The Bones EP Review

Héloise – Nothing But The Bones EP (Self Released)

OK I didn’t know what to expect when listening to this, I thought I had it pigeonholed but no I was wrong and wow I was so wrong because this is freaking excellent. Old Salt opens the EP with a song that has a real western feel to it. I love the fact it just starts with her playing guitar and singing then opens into a western inspired tune with all the band behind her guitars, drum and bass. Down The Line is like an alt country folk tune that let’s her songwriting and musicianship shine. Her vocals are excellent here. Sonny (Down The Line) is a folk tune that to me has a slight pop melody around it. It’s a song that is excellently written, musicianship that shines and her vocals are on fire. Oxford Daisies is one of my favourite it’s a beautifully written folk/alt country tune. Her vocals are on fire, I love the use of the piano and lap steel. It adds something special to the tune. Virginia Slims has a western vibe to the tune. The use of the electric guitar the way it performed and adds to the tune. The use of the backing vocals is a nice touch. Rambler is an alt country tune and reminds me a lot of Iluka with the way the vocals are performed and the way is song is structured and performed. Ok so I get now why Héloise is making traction. She got the songs, the talent and also most importantly to me, she has a good work ethic and if she keeps putting out winners like this. She will go very far. This is a very impressive, well produced and performed EP that lovers of good music should seek out right away.


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