• April 15, 2021

Heidi Schwartz Interview

Heidi Schwartz Interview

Heidi Schwartz is a very talented singer songwriter, who music I think is phenomenal and thought was worthy of publicity on Parx-e. so read on and find out why I think her music is amazing.


1. Are you happy with how things are going for your music

Hmmm. To be honest, that’s a twisted question for me. 
On one hand I think music & art should reflect the truth of wherever your
life path travels. So if I look at it that way I would say yes. But on the
other hand the life of the Indy artist isn’t the easiest.  There are times
I look at super successful acts that are not so talented and I think to myself
"What the F&%$?!?".  Then I go sit on a rock and

2. How will the recording process be different to your first release?

First & foremost I won’t take myself so seriously. I
suppose that’s the beauty of experience, it gives you the gift of faith &
that allows breathing room.  

3. What will be, has been the inspiration for the new release?

There’s a wide range of inspiration for the next project. I hesitate to say
this phrase ‘adult perceptive’ but that’s what comes to mind. My last record
had a strong youthful defiance. This is more of me sinking my teeth in my own

4. Who do you hope to work with on the new release?

I’m talking to a few different people for this project. I’m
going to pick peers that it just feels easy with, like butter…. ha ha.
Recording a music project with someone is kind of like a relationship. You
either feel it or you don’t, you get each other or you don’t. It’s the
chemistry mystery. 

5. What inspires you when writing your songs

Ideas are like air, they are floating all around us, we just
have to grab them & put them down. And in general I’m pretty emotional so
I’ve always got something that I need to process & work out of me. I over
think EVERYTHING.  But I’m inspired by other artists too. I’m also a
painter & I love to process concepts when I’m painting. Painting &
writing are, for me, fuel for each other.   

6. How has the Internet & social media played a part in getting your music
out there?

For an Indy artist like me it’s pretty much THE engine that drives vehicle. It
is THE connector!

7. Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

I opened for an artist named Jeff Finlin. He is such a GREAT
lyricist. He had me hooked from the first song.

8. What do you hope the new album will do for your music career?

I hope that it provides a demand to make more projects. My
goal is simple. I just want to continue making music & hopefully have an
audience that gets enjoyment from it. I don’t have to be a superstar, I just
want to keep doing what I love! 

9. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career? 

Make music because you love to do it. Let it be natural and
grow organically. You can’t control how other people will perceive or if they
will receive what you do.

10. Who have you enjoyed listening to recently?

I’ve recently discovered a band called "As Tall As
Lions" and I’ve been listening to them on repeat… repeat. 

11. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

This is strange, but probably my close friends. Because they
have been my grounding support. Having that makes ALL the difference in the

12. What is next for Heidi Schwartz?

Awe, the predictor question. That’s funny cause you never
can tell what is ahead, ‘especially’ on the artistic career path. I just ‘try’
to do what I do and then let it go.  The point is the work itself, I
believe it’s important to focus on the creative process and give it all you
got. Keep your head low & in the work, otherwise you’ll make yourself go
banana split!


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