• July 16, 2020

Heather Longstaffe – Slingshot EP Review

Heather Longstaffe – Slingshot EP (TTA)


Ok so I am never really doing reviews these days because I am too bloody positive and basically my reviews well I am not a good reviewer. But my heart is the right place. So Heather Longstaffe has finally released her ep Slingshot late last year and it is a good indication of where she is heading with her music and the way her songs are crafted and written. Vocally wise she is a fantastic singer and her lyrics work and they are catchy. She is a great songwriter which evident in songs like Slingshot which is a modern day country pop tune. The same goes for Jack Daniels which let’s her vocals do the work. I love Heather honesty and the way she handles herself social media wise and in person. Yes I know Heather now and have met her and I know she is one of the hardest working musicians I know. She puts 110% into her music, it’s her life and it shows in her music like in songs like Gettin’ Dirty which to me has a country rock vibe with a hint of pop. The guitar is used nicely and let’s her show off her versatilely. Easier For You is the ballad and every release always has them like a band or a solo artist who does an acoustic track at the end but this song is so beautifully sung and the way the song is produced. It will tug at the heart stings if you aren’t bawling your eyes out yet but the song just really grabbed me and I was like wow wasn’t expecting that. It would be the song if they do release another song off EP, this should be it. For me it will be interesting where she goes next. She got the look, the sound, the voice and really is the complete package. I really dug this EP not just as a friend but as a music lover in general. She is smart, talented and hard working. If you put in the hard work like Heather does, you will go places. Slingshot is the perfect way to get to know Heather and her music, because she is going to be a star. The music, production and it’s all there. Just go get this, crank it, tell your friends, get into this amazing country musician. She got it.


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