• January 22, 2021

Hayst Interview


Karl from Hayst answers my questions

1. how did Hayst form?

Well, it just sorta happened. It wasn’t really planned.
A skeleton of the band kinda existed back in 1999, but it was all over
the place and not really much of a band.
Everyone was involved in
other bands and Hayst was just a little project at that stage (originally
called Wayside).
We’d all jammed together and came up with a couple of
songs and thought that they sounded pretty cool, so we decided to
actually do something with it.

2. who were your major influnces?

That’s a hard one. We all listen to various stuff. Punk, metal,
everything. I think as far as ‘modern’ punk, it’s just all the current stuff
we hear like Sum41.
But we really don’t reckon we’re punk, ’cause to us
punk is the good ol’ stuff like The Exploited and UK Subs. That’s the
good stuff.
We like a lot of crossover stuff from the 80’s too, like SOD
and DRI and even Cro-Mags and all that.
I know Eric still likes the
Pistols quite a bit, too. We all do.

3. what has been your favourite gig you have played?

Um, not sure, but I remember one particular gig that had a generous
rider and by the time we got on stage we were pretty happy.
I think
generally when you get more than 5 seconds for a soundcheck you’re more
likely to have a good gig.
We’ve played with bands (won’t mention any names)
that act like rock stars and have an hour long soundcheck and we get
fuck all time to do ours.
That just pisses us off. And you get bands that
get their sound guy to fuck up your sound so that they sound better
than you.

4. if you play with any one who would it be?

As weird as this may seem, I think it would be Ozzy for all of us. He’s
just a legend and plus we’re all into the show as well.
But I reckon it
would probably be a bit of a clash of musical styles though.
I’d just
wanna get up on stage and do a Sabbath song with Ozzy.
That would rule.

5. do you get much response about the songs?

Yeah, actually we get quite a bit of response from the mp3’s we’ve got
online, as well.
Out of those tracks, people seem to like ‘Thin Line’,
which is weird cause we thought ‘Not Popular’ would be the one people
would get into the most.

6. any plans to come and play down in melbourne?

No plans at the moment but if someone was to offer us some gigs down
there we’d probably organise something and come down there without
putting up too much of an argument! 🙂

7. if you could have any chick in a video clip who would it be?

I dunno, but whenever you see a hip-hop or R&B video there’s always a
few hot chicks in there wearing skimpy clothes.
You kinda watch the
video even if you’re not into the music.
Now that’s what I call smart
marketing tactics. Tits’n’arse sell CD’s.
Maybe we should do that with
Hayst. Get 20 chicks to prance around in ridiculously short skirts on stage
or in a video. Could work.

Thanks for your time any last words

Click here to hear some mp3s of their’s


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