• May 6, 2021

Greenline Grooves Interview

Greenline Grooves

Greenline Grooves is a star studded Australian album in support of wildlife Park Rangers.  In many developing nations, the Park Ranger’s job is to protect endangered species, but Rangers often find themselves not only in gun battles but tracked instead by poachers who want them out of the way. Thousands of Rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Greenline Grooves and the Thin Green Line Foundation seeks to raise awareness of the obstacles faced by Park Rangers, provision of training and equipment for rangers, as well as support for the widows and children of a murdered Ranger.

This fundraiser CD package is a card wallet within an attractive all green design (both pigment and recycled cardboard).  Artist supporters of the Thin Green Line and the International Ranger Federation featured on the disc include Gotye, Tex Perkins, Mia Dyson, John Butler Trio, Shane Howard, Jordie Lane, Xavier Rudd, Dan Sultan, Clare Bowditch, Archie Roach, Nikki Bomba and Ash Grunwald amongst others.  The Tex Perkins track ‘One More For The Song’ is a new track exclusive to this album.

Sean Willmore the founder of Thin Green Line Foundation answers my questions.


1. What is The Thin Green Line Foundation and what does it stand for?

We Protect Natures Protectors the Park rangers on the Frontline fo conservation. We are about protecting nature but through the people that do it. We equip and support rangers at the pointy end and also support their families if they killed in the line of duty( over 100 killed in the last 10 years)

2. What inspired you to put together a compilation CD?
Music has been an integral part of raising awareness but also keeping what we do inspiring and  light for our supporters. We don’t all have to facing armed poachers- some of us can support them by listening to good tunes. Nicky Bomba actually promoted me to do it after we talked about ti for years. All the artists on the cd have supported TGLF in way way shape or form before the cd came to fruition.

3. How were the artists chosen for the CD?

As Above

4. Were you happy with the end product?
Yes-0 it was  good mix of songs with 3 sections really- First 1/3 – Faster paced and bit questioning, 2/3 contemplative, last 3rd Sunday arvo

5. What do you hope the CD will do for your organization?

Raise awareness and important funds

6. What will the year be like for the organization?
Lots o fo work supporting rangers int he field  and , the widows and orphans of rangers killed. Lots of events to do that- even a tour to Uganda for  those that are keen!

7. How does social media and the internet help the organization?

Its another tool to use and gets messages out quickly, but its up to to the users of it to use the information to get active and involved- pressing like on facebook is one thing- getting involved is another

8. Has the media been supportive to what you guys are doing?

Yes mostly ABC in particular with 3 &30 reports, Australian Story and Foreign Correspondent, and a few spots on Jon Faine

9. What do you hope will happen in the next 10 years for your organization?

Thats we can give much more support to the ground – we’re doing well but we need to increase our output and impact 100 fold- there’s such a great need.

10. What does 2013 mean to you?

Taking the next important steps of the foundation and getting more support to the rangers and their communities on the frontline , where its needed


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