• August 16, 2020

Goldy Cass Interview

Goldy Cass

 Godly Cass has Animal Dairy Science degree and now waiting to get into Veterinary Science. Plus she has done some modelling. So read on find about this smart beautiful women. 

1. How did you decide to study Animal Dairy Science?

    Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a veterinarian.  I grew up in a military family and have had the opportunity to live and travel all over the world including California, Virginia, Rhode Island, Alabama, Mississippi, and Naples, Italy.  I am originally from San Diego and definitely consider myself a Cali beach girl haha. When I decided to attend Mississippi State University I chose animal and dairy science/ pre-vet for my major.  I just graduated with my bachelors of science degree in May, and now I am currently trying to get into vet school.

2. What have you learn so far from doing it?

    While attending MSU I have definitely taken some interesting classes, most recently I had to take animal reproduction… basically for a whole semester we had to stick our arms up cows butts and preform AI (artificial insemination)… Not my favorite but it was definitely interesting.

3. Why are you going to study Veterinary Science?

    Veterinary medicine is something that has always interested me.  My aunt and uncle are both vets, and I can remember shadowing them at work as a kid. Its something that I have always dreamed to do when I grew up.  And I absolutely love animals! I have 4 dogs and 2 cats currently.  I am also really passionate in rescuing and fostering animals.

4. What do you hope your degree will do for you?

   I hope I cant get accepted and finish vet school and start my own small animal hospital.  Its always been a dream of mine.

5. What kind of broadcasting work do you hope to do?

   I would love to do some sort of broadcasting work for Playboy.  I have been on a few of their radio shows and had a blast. 

6. How has your life changed since doing Playboy?

   My life hasn’t changed too much since doing Playboy.  I am recognized once in awhile by students at MSU and around town.  I am also a bartender at Ricks Cafe (best college night club in Starkville) and am often recognized.  I have gotten to do other playboy events including Playboy Golf after being in the magazine which was fun. 

7. Why pose for in Playboy?

   Playboy is one of those magazine that I have always fantasized to be in.  The most beautiful women in the world have posed for Playboy.  I remember to day I went to the casting call. I told my roommate I was going to do it and she laughed but agreed to go with me.  No one believed I would actually do it.  After the casting call, I received a call that night and out of 50 girls, they chose me to represent Mississippi State! I was shocked and so excited!

8. How did your parents respond to you being in Playboy?

   When I told my parents I was trying out for Playboy they laughed and said alright… and then when I actually got chosen, they didn’t believe me! My mom called about 10  times asking if I was joking.  When the magazine came out, my mom wasn’t too thrilled and didn’t want her friends to know haha, but now she brags about it.  My dad was always cool with it.

10. Were you Nervous doing the shoot?

   I was very nervous but also excited.  I didn’t know what to expect! It was funny, the day we did the shoot, I had to skip my classes and got my hair and make up done first thing in the morning.  Of course the day we did the shoot, we had tornado’s and severe weather all day.  I remember doing the shoot and hearing the tornado sirens outside.  There were 3 representatives (2 males, 1 female) who did the shoot and were amazing! They really make you feel comfortable and make sure you are have fun with it.

11. How did it feel being the center of attention when doing the shoot?

   It was a great feeling! Everyone makes you feel so important and super comfortable.  I had a blast and wish I can do it again soon!

12. How have people responded when you tell them your in Playboy?

   Living in a small town, we don’t have many famous or important people around, so when they hear that a local girl posed for Playboy, people get pretty excited.  A lot of people know I’m a bartender and will come up and say something.  I have done quite a few autographs.  It feels great, and alot of people actually look up to me and are proud that I went out and fulfilled one of my dreams.  Living in Mississippi, I also live in the bible belt… so not everyone is thrilled about it and I am probably the devil to some people haha, but I don’t care.  I’m proud for what I did.  It is actually really hard to find the magazine around here… They don’t sell it in Starkville where I live… you have to drive 30 mins to Columbus, the nearest town to even find the magazine. 

13. Will do you do more modeling and Playboy stuff if it comes up?  

Absolutely! I would love to to another shoot if the opportunity came up. I recently went to the Playboy Golf event in Tunica, MS which was a fun weekend. 

14. How did you get involved with Playboy Golf?

   I was approached my an amazing woman named Elizabeth Sullivan and asked if I would be interested in attending a casting call for Playboy Golf… and of course I said yes.  I went to Memphis, TN for the casting call and was 1 out of 60 girls chosen to attend the golf event in Tunica.  It was a weekend golf event in May.  The girls basically made sure the golfers had a good time and we attending multiple VIP parties and got treated like princesses all weekend.  It was a good time. All the girls were beautiful.

15. What are some of your favourite movies?

   I’m a big movie lover! Some of my favorite movies are Friends with Benefits, Get Him to the Greek, No Strings Attached, Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Coyote Ugly, Grease, Step Brothers, Paranormal Activity… etc… So many!

16. What movies that you have seen recently you havereally enjoyed?

  I just recently saw What to Expect when Your Expecting, Dark Shadows, and Hunger Games and enjoyed all of them!

17. what are some of your favorite musical artists?

   Working at a bar/nightclub I am a big music lover and have had the opportunity to see many great bands play.  Some of my favorites are Corey Smith, Train, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Adele, etc18. what would we find on your stereo atthe moment?
  Train- Drive by…. my favorite song at the moment!

19. would you ever like to travel overseas?

  Oh yes, I have traveled all over Europe and lived in Italy before.  I would love to go back! I would also love to visit Australia some time! I have some friends that live there and have always wanted to go!

20. what your favorite thing to do when your not studying?

  Well I work alot! which i absolutely love!, when im not doing that I love spending time with my dogs and friends


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