• October 25, 2020

Georgie Jones Interview

Photo by Hannah Rose www.hannahrose.com.au

Georgie Jones is a new Australian singer songwriter. She is so new she has only released one song so far called Baby which is an excellent tune. I had to interview her for the site and this is what she had to say.


1. How did you get into music? 

Music has always been a part of who i am, I was that small kid wandering around singing to myself. I was fortunate to grow up around artists and musicians and music lovers. The Beatles, Bowie, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Sade and a lot of 80s Uk Invasion was the soundtrack to my childhood. 

2. What was the inspiration behind your song Baby?

A toxic relationship.

3. How does a song start for you?

‘Baby’ started in the shower, after feeling very used and fed up with my love life. Fortunately I caught a voice memo of the shower session and bashed it out not long after at the local pub. Some songs just hit you without warning, like a message coming through you, some songs are things you must get off your chest and some are ideas you flirt with for years.

4. What was it like working with Angus Leslie?

Very fun! We get on really well, share a lot of humour and a similar obsessive approach to ideas. He helped me define the arrangement I could hear in my head and it was awesome to collaborate and shape the song together. He has always been very supportive and encouraging of my work, he boosted my confidence enough to get me into the studio for this track. I have a lot to thank him for, I’m deeply grateful for the care he put into this song. 

5. How do you warm up your voice?

Hmm, as a vocal Teacher I’d say: I stay hydrated, particularly in the days coming up to a performance, make siren sounds etc. But truthfully I rarely warm up unless I’m preparing for a classical performance. I guess I’m usually singing all the time anyway. 

6. How do you look after your voice?

I could always look after my instrument more. Say no to smoking, that’s a good idea! And don’t hold on to your feelings, that shit chokes you and gives you cancer. Let it out!

7. Do you write when you have inspiration or set time to write?

When I have inspiration. I also try to set time aside for creating but life doesn’t always go to plan #2020. I have collections of voice memos recorded in transit or in the toilet cubicle while I’m out, or waking up at 3am when that “new banger” decides to drop in. 

8. What was the inspiration behind the video clip for the song Baby?

I admire the Diva archetype, the strong, powerful and sensual woman with something to say. It felt only natural to channel that energy and imagery for this track. The clip also works between two worlds emphasizing that Miss Jones is my alias/alter ego.

9.  Was it hard to a release a song in these times?

It’s been different. There’s no upcoming tour booked yet to back the release, due to Covid, also there’s a lot more content online. I’m grateful for the support and positive feedback I’ve received so far. It’s a crazy time for the entire world, what a privilege it is to create. Just taking it one day at a time and looking forward to playing live again soon.

10. Has this year given you inspiration for your songs that you weren’t expecting?

Yes it has, I’ve had more space to think about arrangements of old and new tunes and interesting ways to deliver fresh material. I’m currently really enjoying jamming with pals on bluegrass music and re-learning some arias I sang through my studies. Lots of time for reflection, trying to use that productively, for growth rather than stagnation. 

11. Do we have a EP or Album in the works?

Yes! My apologies that I have no details to share on this, but yes. Watch this space!

12. What is next for you?

I’ll be finishing some home demos & getting back into the studio ASAP. I originally wanted to go back to Soundpark in Melbourne where ‘Baby’ was tracked. Working within the boundaries of the new world, we shall see. My main goal is to continue to create as much as possible, alongside teaching singing, and whatever other gigs I can pick up, we all gotta eat. 

13. What have you listened to recently that inspired you?

I’ve been revisiting a lot of old music. Dolly, Neil Young and The Band have been comforting during uncertain times. With the energy of the release I was listening to a lot of punk and rock music, Suicide, The Saints, The Specials, Tom Petty, Joan Jett. My friends inspire me the most. I’ve been digging Half Truths, the new Ep by my friend Grace Turner. My fav track is “Get your head straight”. Women make powerful music! 


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