• April 15, 2021

Georgia Potter Interview

Georgia Potter

Georgia Potter is somebody I’ve known for a while, she been on one of my compilation cd’s and I love what she does as an artist. She is an incredibly talented singer songwriter who always brings something new to the table every time I see her or live or with every new recording.  I thought it was about time I get the low down and why you should seriously check her out.



1. You happy how things have gone for your career in music so far?
Of course I want more to happen but most weeks I just make art, so I am essentially doing what I’ve always wanted to do!
2. What is the new song XO about?
It’s written from the point of view of an observer, who’s watching a friend get involved with a dangerous, ‘temptress’ kind of woman.
3. What inspired the video clip for it?
The narrative of the lyrics brought the spider imagery into the video.  Then I had a dream about spiders kaleidoscoping into each other, which I told the director about.  The director was Australia-British filmmaker Bryn Chainey, who is an old friend of mine. We were living together in Berlin and after I told him about my ideas for the spider, he suggest shooting the clip through crystals.  So that’s why the clip has this fractured, dreamy kind of look – it’s because at the time the spider projections and my performance was filmed through crystals and glass prisms that Bryn was manipulating in front of the lens.
4. How does it feel to be back in Australia and playing shows?
It’s wonderful, I’m thoroughly enchanted by being back home – but also at the moment my focus is on being in the studio, finishing the rest of the EP. It’s getting close!!
5. How does it feel to play Woodford festival?
Woodford has a special place in my heart because I attended that festival a lot when I was young and cut my teeth playing at the chalkboards when I was a teenager.
6. What inspires you now as an artist?
It is of course, always changing. But right now I’m really influenced by visual art – I’ve been buying some pieces and spending a lot of time thinking about how important visual art is to human expression. I’m a visual person – lords knows how I ended up being a musician!  I recently posted on facebook some photos I took in Cairo of Post-Revolution street art – it’s extraordinary the amount of art that is continuing to come out of that movement. ilovegraffiti – a graffiti blog – is going to feature some of the photos shortly so keep an eye out.
7. How does social networking help you?
It means you can share information with an audience a lot faster and they can share back with you.
8. How important is connecting with your fans?
Very important. Most importantly from the stage and on record.  That’s the core of an artist’s relationship with their audience.  Everything else falls secondary.
9. What does it mean to you having Triple J behind your music?
It’s certainly not a hindrance that’s for sure.  The J’s are great and they’ve always encouraged me since way back in 2009 when they featured me as a Next Crop Artist for Aus music month.
10. What does 2013 mean for you and your music?
It’ll be a big year – I’m releasing the first record that I’ve ever been truly proud of, I’ll be touring loads here in Australia and overseas and hmmm… maybe I’ll even make a second record!
11. If you could have any body in a video clip who would it be?
Ha! Is there a reason you put any and body as separates words! Would I like to feature somebody’s body…? 😉 I did once use the “be in my filmclip” line once with a cute guy… it was my excuse to talk to him. But we didn’t actually go with the same idea for the filmclip, but I did go on a date with the guy…!
12. Who would you most like to work with?
Musically – god that’s an impossible question!! There are so many different ideas that come into my mind – I’d love to duet with Nick Cave, or work on arrangement with Quincy Jones, have Louise Goldin design tour outfits… I’m a big daydreamer so the list is long!


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