• July 14, 2020

Froth Beer Magazine Emily Day Interview

I admit it I like craft beer and there are so many good craft beers around and I love reading Froth Magazine it’s a local craft beer magazine here in Melbourne. Recently I finally meet the editor Emily Day and told her how much I loved the magazine and would she be up for doing an interview. She said yes and this is what she had to say. If you haven’t read Froth Magazine I urge you to do so.


1. How did Froth magazine come about?

In late 2015 I decided to start a beer magazine as I wanted to share more of the stories about craft breweries and encourage more mainstream drinkers to try a local brew. 

2. Are you happy how successful it has become?

I’m happy with how well it is doing but the flip side is the bigger it gets the more work it is – but making money out of a free magazine is still pretty tricky.

3. Has the magazine changed from when you were starting out?

I started it to be just a Melbourne magazine but there was so much demand from venues and readers around Australia that we now distribute it Australia-wide, so I try to keep on top of all the new beers and brewery openings around the country which can be quite a big task!

4. How did the industry respond when you started the magazine?

I think people were pretty open to it. I hadn’t worked in the beer industry so I didn’t really know too many people but I just put it out there and people seemed to like it.

5. How does an issue come about? What is involved in making the magazine?

Basically a month of coming up with a theme, coming up with article ideas, seeing if I can get writers on board, choosing beers to review, interviewing brewers, writing a ton of stuff, taking some pics, getting our lovely designer Clint to lay out the magazine. 

6. How does choosing of what the issue is going to be about come about?

Usually the theme is based on what is going on at the time in the industry, or what beer trends or issues are in focus. 

7. How you pick the people that reviews in the magazine?

People often approach me or I approach people whose style I like. 

8. Do you have a favorite issue or interview to date?

I’ve really enjoyed our ‘FemALE’ editions that shine a light on all the awesome women in the beer industry. 

9. What is one beer trend that you were really surprised by?

Brut IPA

10. Do you have a favorite type of beer or do you enjoy all types?

I love craft lager, West Coast IPAs, session pale ales, fruity kettle sours and barrel-aged stouts.  

11. Do you have a go to beer?

Can’t go past a Kaiju Krush. 

12.  How did feel to have a beer inspired by you?

That was pretty cool. That came out of our friendship with CoConspirators Brewery, who are simply lovely people, and we both are blessed to have the talents of the same designer. We made the Editor beer to celebrate Froth’s 3rd birthday and Conspirators’ 2nd birthday. I didn’t choose the name or the label!  

13. What the reason behind getting your mother doing beer reviews in the magazine?

It just started as a joke and now I can’t stop her. 

14. What is next for Froth Magazine?

Oh god just trying to survive. Hopefully get some more advertisers and increase distribution in Sydney. 

15. Do you have a guilty pleasure beer?

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale straight out of the bottle, no glass. 


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