• July 16, 2020

Favorite people interviewed on the site in the last 10 years.

This is a list of many of some of my favorite people and bands I have interviewed in the last 10 years. I will probably do another one soon but here is one for now.

Destiny Love

Photo provided by Destiny

This talented lady is a real inspiration she knows how to convey herself. Through her words, the way she sings. She puts so much heart and soul into everything she does. The courses she puts together, how to use your voice. She is incredibly talented, hard working and one of the nicest people. I have ever interviewed on my site. Lucky enough that she has done voice overs for my projects and will continue to work with her and support all that she does.

Michelle Ellen Jones

Photo by Me

Incredibly talented lady, an actor, ball room dancing coach, pageant coach, a yoga teacher as well as having a masters and a bachelor. Incredible switched on and it was so awesome to meet her and interview her in person as well. A lovely lady and a total sweetheart. She deserves all the good stuff that comes her way.

The Midnight

Seeing them live and being able to interview them for the site was amazing. One of my favourite bands of the last few years. Amazing stuff.

Robert Parker

Incredible Synthwave artist. Was so awesome meeting him here in Melbourne. In addition interviewing him in person way cool. A real life hero too in these times.

CJ Burnett

Awesome Synthwave artist great music and awesome to interview.

Jordan F

I adore what Jordan F does his new tunes are awesome. Great to interview.

Allison Kugel

Photo provided by Allison

A talented interviewer, she far better than me and knows how to do an interview. Her book is a must have read.

Steph Hannah

I love what Steph Hannah as a musician. Been a fan for years and will continue to do so. Fortune to have interview her and be able to use her music. She is A real talent.


Photo by Me

What can. I say have met her twice now and has been a pleasure to interview her the times I have. She is an incredible songwriter. She writes such amazing music.

Alicia Sky

Photo by Me

Meeting Alicia was a dream come true. An incredible singer songwriter, such a total sweetheart, She is so totally awesome.

Abby Ramsay

Photo provided by Abby

A talented lady whom gonna go far as an actor. Was pleasure to interview her the times I have and meet her in person way cool. Will continue to support.

Olivia May

Photo by Sela Shiloni

I think Olivia is an incredible talent and lucky enough to interview her for the site. Will continue to support always.

Kara Connolly

Photo by Betsy Newman

The minute I came across Kara Connolly I was hooked. Their was something about her music that appealed to me. She is just so super lovely and anybody who takes the time to appreciate the support they are getting from a small time site like myself deserves all my support.  Her debut album Life In Rear View is a masterpiece. She is a talented singer songwriter as she is a excellent actor. She continues to deliver in all that she is doing and like a lot of people is using social media in this time to get herself out there and be creative and engaging. She is some one I am very keen to meet but will be next year.

Hilary Kennedy

Photo by Me

I adore Hilary Kennedy. She always been so lovely to meet the times we have met. She a joy to interview and will continue to support her always.

Alexa Borden

Photo provided by Alexa

Alexa contacted me years ago now and I loved what I heard. She has always been lovely to me and her music is really something special.

Kate Earl

Photo provided by Kate Earl

Ever since I first heard Kate Earl debut album all those years ago I have been a fan. She has always appreciated my support and hopefully I will get to meet her next year.

Kate Stone

Photo by Kit Chalberg

What can I say but Kate Stone is a phenomenal talent a real inspiration in these times. She was affected by Covid-19 and has a fundraising campaign which I donated to and you can still here. She has been putting up a series of videos on her journey through of all this and really does speak from the heart. She really is a beautiful person inside and out. Her energy and her heart and soul in all of this is amazing. She really is an inspiration and I know good things are coming her way I know they will and she will always have my support, always.

The Murderballs

The Murderballs are one of my favorite local punk bands and always a joy to see them live. Such awesome dudes too. Had to interview them for Parx-e.

Ella Cannon

Photo by Me

Ella Cannon is a incredibly talented Aussie actor who I have interviewed a bunch of times on my site. She always been so lovely to me over the years when we have hanged out always been amazing to me. She gonna be one of the next big things in Aussie acting mark my words.


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