• May 6, 2021

Emma Hamilton Interview

Emma Hamilton

I first discover Emma music in a record shop last year after purchasing La Musique and fell in love with what I heard.  I liked her album so much I made it one of my top local releases of the year on my site best of list and she will no doubt be on my list this year again. I interviewed last year but I wanted to find out more from this amazingly beautiful talented artist and what she has been up to recently, so read on.


1. What was it like to tour with Tommy Emmanuel?

Touring with
Tommy Emmanuel was definitely a career highlight! I have been a big fan
of his since I was a child, and to share the stage with him was magical!
He is an incredible musician, and we got to hear some great stories on
the road and got to watch his show every night. He is also incredibly
generous by offering Australian artists such as myself to perform in new
territories like Russia which I had never been to before.

2. Was it a good experience touring in Europe?

was amazing performing in Europe. Tommy is such a super star so each
night we got to perform in little arenas and opera houses! The audiences
are incredibly attentive, and in Russia they throw roses at you!

3. How is different to touring Australia?

audiences are fantastic too, however European ones and especially
Russian audiences are pretty wild and passionate! People are incredibly
generous with their applause over there!

4. What has been your favorite show to date?

one of my all time favourite shows to date was one we did with Tommy in
Russia in Moscow at The International House of Music! I got the play a
16 foot Steinway which was just the most beautiful instrument I have
ever played! The actual space was spectacular and looked a lot like the
Sydney Opera house! It was especially great when Tommy invited us to
sing a couple of songs with him!

5. What will be your new album about?

I have just recently finished recording a new EP of 5 of my new
original songs. My music is a lot edgier than it was before, and my
brother Tom produced it, and we have pushed our boundaries a lot more by
including some electronic instruments, lots of vocal overdubbing, and
there is even a guest appearance by Tommy Emmanuel of one of the tracks.

6. What inspires you when writing songs?

try and always write from my own experiences, and I like to experiement
with different types of musical genres. I often draw on retro sounds,
and my songs often include jazz chord progressions. I usually get an
idea in my head, then I need to run to the piano to work it all out.

7. What venue do you enjoy playing the most?

are so many great venues, but one I particullarly love is in Melbourne
called The Paris Jazz Club which is a tiny venue in the heart of the
city, and has great memorabilia all over the place and a cute little
stage with red velvet curtains! I love that place.

8. Who would you most like to work with?

on of my dreams is coming true very soon, as I will be opening for Tim
Freedman in September on the 15th in Sydney. I have always really
enjoyed his songwriting style, and I love his piano playing and his

9. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?

Michael Jackson!

10. What’s next for yourself?

Well, I have more tour dates coming up, and will be doing some more shows in Berlin next year which I am really excited about !!


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