• April 21, 2021

Emily Sandifer Interview

Emily Sandifer


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Emily Sandifer is one of we have interviewed a few times. As a friend and fan of her work, we think she is an extremely gorgeous and talented. She is an actor, director, screenwriter and also a photographer. I think she will go very far, with heaps of projects in the works. This talented lady is going places so read on.


1. How does it feel to have appeared on Castle?

Amazing! It was my first of hopefully many TV credits. Hard work pays off. I also just did a small co-star on “The Mentalist” in January. It airs March 10th.
2. What was it like working with the cast and crew of “Castle”?
The cast and crew have been together for so many seasons that they are definitely a well-oiled machine. They work so efficiently and so well together. It was inspiring to see and be apart of. The cast was wonderful, too. Nathan Fillion and Stana Kalic were so much fun to be around and I really appreciate them making me feel at home. Actually, every single person on set made me feel at home. 
3.What was it like working on an Asylum film?
Great cast and crew (40 Days and Nights). It was a low-budget feature film, and we had a lot of issues during filming, but the experience of working with such cool people made it totally worth it. 
4. What did you gain from working on the film? 
I learned how to scuba dive! That was really awesome. They trained us for 2 hours before we shot the scene with Christianna Carmine and myself diving into the water to save the ark. The other thing I gained: meeting Christianna. She’s become one of my closest friends and we were both just at the Idyllwild Cinemafest (each with our own films we’ve made), so it’s been really fun! She’s a unique soul with a lot of talent. 
5. What is the inspiration for the film “Salton”?
That’s a long answer, but basically my obsession with the Salton Sea area in Southern California started back in 2008. I wanted to make a film that was shot there and I started researching the history, the myths, etc. If you want to read more, we have a website for the film at www.saltonfilm.com that has a Tumblr link with a director’s statement, etc. Go to the “About” section.  Salton Sea holds a special place in my heart, so the film is very special to me, too. 
6. When will we expect to see that?
I had hoped to do more sound editing on the film after seeing it screen at the Idyllwild CinemaFest. But, since projects will never be perfect no matter how much you fiddle with them, I think it’ll be ready to view online in the next couple of months.
7. What inspires you now as an actor?
We could be here all day if I went into that. Everything inspires me. The world around us, the people we see and interact everyday, the stories you read in the news or in books, photos I see, paintings, music, amazing performances. If you really pay attention to all your senses, it’s easy to find inspiration and then translate it into your work.
8. Who has been you favorite person to work with recently?
Oh, I can’t say I have one favorite person. But recently, I’d say a few people deserve some credit. I already put a shout-out to Christianna Carmine. I also really enjoy my collaborations with my dear friend Amanda Dow. She has been wonderful to work with in “Salton” and “Vacillate” whether it be acting alongside her or directing her, or vice versa, and I’m so excited about our current feature film we’re working on getting funding for: “Intrepid” (www.intrepidfilm.com). I see a lot in store for us with that project. I also have to say TJ Dalrymple, since we’ve worked together quite a bit in the past two years. He’s one of those actors I’ve felt safe with, and I grew so much through the projects we did together, both as an actor and a filmmaker/director. I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of great people in a short amount of time, but as far as people who challenge me and make the set a better place for all involved, those are my top three currently.
9. How does social networking help you as an actor?
Social networking. The dreaded phrase to many of us “artists.” You love it, you hate it, it seems completely vain, but it’s becoming somewhat necessary in today’s crazy social media driven world, especially to us “unknowns.” It definitely has helped me get my projects out there in the world. People have hired me just by seeing my reel online or seeing photos on my website. I’ve met wonderful people, such as yourself, who take an interest in the work we’re doing and it enables us to share our work with the whole world. That really became apparent when Nick Acosta posted our little “fake fan trailer” for 50 Shades of Grey. Suddenly people from Brazil, Ireland, Thailand, and numerous other countries were all becoming fans and supporters. It’s very cool. I think if you use it in a positive way, and don’t lead by the ego with it, then it’s very helpful indeed.
10. What have you got next in the pipeline?
Crossing my fingers to book something awesome here soon. Other than that, just finishing old projects, getting “Intrepid” funded and produced, and continuing to work on my craft, my writing, my photography, and my life in general.
11. What would find in your stereo at the moment?
Hmmmmm. A lot of 80’s music for whatever reason (Church’s “Under the Milky Way” — it’s been on repeat). Also, just a random collection of anything from Adele’s “Skyfall” to Stateless’ “Bloodstream” to Lana Del Rey to Citizen Cope. So… a mix of genres and decades. I’m pretty up and down with my moods, so it just depends on what I’m feeling at the current moment.
12. What have you seen recently you have enjoyed?
Most recently watched “Beasts of the Southern Wild” – loved it.
13. What inspires you when writing now?
Right now, I’d say my writing is being inspired by astrology, heartbreak, and comedy because of the current projects I’ve had cooking in my brain for the past few years. I love listening to people’s life experiences; it always inspires me. I write down any strange dreams I have, too, and I figure those will inspire something someday.
14. What do you like to do to unwind?
When I’m feeling stressed or need to think something through, I love going on walks. Or driving somewhere (usually some secluded desert). Also love watching movies, doing personal projects that are just for fun, and I’m currently reading 3 different books and a script (I should probably just try one at a time…).
15. What do you do to keep yourself looking so amazing always?
Ha, well, thank you. Photoshop! Okay, just kidding (sarcasm doesn’t translate well in writing, does it? Oh well).  I only say that because I’m a photographer who really loves natural “flaws” and “quirks” in everyone. I changed my eating habits back in May 2011 when I went Paleo (just google it). I dropped nearly 25 lbs and I feel amazing. But, looking healthy doesn’t mean losing weight (I’d just say for me, personally, losing weight made my energy levels skyrocket because I’ve been putting way better food into my body. I didn’t do it to lose weight, I did it to feel better). Exercise is always good, especially for the mind. I think when you take time to be mentally and emotionally self-aware, it shows in your overall appearance. Take time to reflect, take time for yourself, treat yourself right, and do things that make you happy. I always look my best when I’m simply that: happy.


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