• May 6, 2021

Edge Of Red Interview

Edge Of Red

Edge Of Red are a cool Brisbane rock band doing some good things, with their excellent debut EP Queen of Hearts winning them audiences all over the place. These guys are a band worth checking out.



1. How did the band form?

1. Edge of Red evolved from former Brisbane rock band ‘Blind Chase’ with the addition of singer/songwriter Ally Marks (vocals and sax). After the frustration of several tedious auditions, Ally Marks strolled into our jam room, leather and all, and blew us away with her range, and attitude toward writing and performing great rock songs….

2. What has been the highlight so far?

2. After a successful release of our debut EP ‘Queen of Hearts’ to a packed Zoo crowd in October, single ‘Hard To Breathe’ got straight into the Triple J Unearthed charts, peaking at number 19, and hovering in the 20’s over 4 weeks, now receiving great radio support around Australia.

3. How did the video clip come about?

Our live show incorporates a lot of production including a video projection. Our current clip uses some footage from that production as well as live video from the performance. We are currently in pre-production for the release of the video for our new single which will be released soon! The film clip was kinda put together on the run, to coincide with the song ‘Hard To Breathe’ moving up the charts, and no time to film a film clip. With 3 members of the band on holidays, we decided to use some footage taken from the EP Launch at the Zoo, along with some appropriate stock footage we’d compiled for another project we’ve been working on, our bass player Gareth assembled the footage into a film clip to help out with the promo of the track.

4. What inspires the band when writing music?

4. Life experience and cool stories people tell us, as well as delving into the deep stuff we believe in…or we just play and see what happens!

5. What was the inspiration for the EP?

5. It’s titled ‘Queen of Hearts’…the Queen bit was significant of the addition of chick singer…and it was a cool pic!  There is a lot of influence from life, love and loss on the debut record and we felt that image of the girl with the title Queen of hearts rang true with the overall image and mood of the EP

6. Who have you guys enjoyed playing with recently?

6.  We’ve already shared the stage with a number of amazing artists in our short time as Edge Of Red – Krash (Kram – Spiderbait, and Ash Grunwald), Australian Idol star Haley Warner,  Thousand Needles In Red (Clint Boge), Cast Iron Pinata from Geelong, The Trip, local boys The Smart and a bunch of great local acts including Shanon Watkins, Sounds of Colour, Prefontaine, Black Side Down and Nuclear Buddha just to name a few. We are supporting a UK touring act ‘Will and The People" in March and will be featuring at the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival.

7. How has social networking helped the band?

7. Great for news about gigs and tickets and generally being able to include fans in our work; being able to network with bands not only around Australia but the whole world! We have a great show with European band "Will and The People" coming up. They have a massive social networking presence. We utilise all forms of social networking to spread the word including facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and many more. We also run and maintain our own website which you can visit at www.edgeofredmusic.com

8. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in a music a shot?

8. Never, ever give up! Keep having a crack! As long as you are loving it, it is worth it! And absolutely talk about your music to everyone, all the time, show people you love what you’re doing! Network, network and network! Meet as many people as you can, and never, ever speak negatively of anyone. Everyone in the music business knows everyone.  Show people you love what you’re doing! Focus on the music, never lose sight of that, if the music is good, people will engage with you!

9. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?

9. It’s awesome meeting new bands, locally, nationally, internationally…U2, Suzi Quatro, Powderfinger, playing with Melissa Etheridge on her Aussie tour would be pretty cool!

10. How has radio and the media received the EP?

10. Ever-increasing radio play across the country, some great interviews and pieces in local print media and all over the web…going well…lovin it!

11. What is next for the band?

11. We have a single bubbling away in the studio at the moment, and when the time’s right, we’ll put it out there. We’re going to focus on writing great songs as our first priority, leading to an album release later this year.  For the rest of the year, we’ll be playing a steady bunch of shows, with a festival or 2 and in the not too distance future, we’d like to do an east coast tour…


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