• April 21, 2021

Dhana Interview


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Dhana is an American singer songwriter and also front women for the band Taxi Doll. I liked what she was doing and impressed that she had a publishing deal and songs on tv and films. So read on and find out why she is some one to watch out for.



1.  How did you get into music?

Since I was a little kid really.  My family was always very musical and there was always music around, from jazz, classical to Beatles etc.  I was also fortunate to have mentors a long the way.  One high-school teacher gave me voice lessons every week for free, taking me under her wing because she believed in me.  That really made a difference in my life and gave me the courage to take my first steps as an artists.

2.  How is playing solo different to being in a band?

As a solo artist I still prefer to perform with a band.  I love the band dynamic on stage and instrumentation possibilities.

3.  What inspires you when writing music?

Anything and everything, but it usually starts with a mood.  That usually leads to a rhythm and it’s fair game from there.

4.  How has having a publishing deal help you as an artist?

It has helped with getting to know more people.  I am now exploring more co-writing possibilities.  I love getting in the room with another writer and letting the ‘element of surprise’ work its way through a song.

5.  What’s it like having your songs in Movies & TV?

It’s quite a thrill and you get to discover your music from the director’s perspective.  I’m very grateful for the many placements as they are a great way to find new fans and have your music out there.

6.  How has the internet helped you as an artist?

I am an independent artist, so the internet has helped greatly.  There are endless possibilities of promotion and social networking is of course lovely for staying in touch with fans.

7.  What has been the highlight so far?

Shooting the "Waiting" video with Eugene Rockstar in Hollywood was a blast, but playing in San Francisco is always a highlight, I really love the fans and the city.

8.  Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

It’s hard to say, everyone has been great to play with, but playing with The Prodigy was a personal favorite 🙂

9.  What advice can you give to some one who wants a career in music?

Try to work with as many different people as possible.

10.  What is next for yourself?

Recording more music and playing more shows!


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