• August 3, 2021

Destiny Love new Udemy Course Pleasure Voice Practice

Photo courtesy of Destiny and used with permission

Destiny Love is one of my favorite people interviewed on my site and she has a new course out so giving it some love here on my site. This is what she says about it. I already posted this a few days ago but wanted to promote it again as I believe in what she is doing always. So I will always continue to support.

Hi beautiful soul,

It blows my mind how many people have told me that it “hurts” to sing… or that they never sing at all. This culture tells us that some of us are “singers” while others are not. Making sound and singing is our birthright. While some people do have voices that are more pleasant to listen to, everybody with vocal chords can make sound and sing. And those sounds can be incredibly healing– clearing stagnation and pain throughout the body and mind. Our voices are designed to bring pleasure and joy into our lives. They are meant to heal us.

That’s why I’ve created a new “mini” course… Pleasure Voice. It’s only thirty minutes long and contains three practices for accessing pleasure and joy in your voice and body, while clearing repressed emotion and stagnation. As you might imagine, it was very enjoyable to create. 



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