• April 21, 2021

Destine – Illuminate Album Review

Destine – Illuminate (Rude Records)

When I first heard about these guys, I knew I had to check them out and boy I heard something good, something really special and well these guys may have delivered one of the albums of the year for me. A masterpiece rock/pop album that delivers solid production, musicianship and first class vocals and lyrics. Also the artwork is stunning and really grabs your attention. The first song Four Leaf Clover shows off what the band is about, a well written catchy tune that could easily be played on radio and being a crowd favourite and plus one of my favorites off the album. Stay shows off the lyrics, the musicianship and the knack of crafting a killer tune. All The people is one of the big songs off the album. Shows off the melodies, the vocals and lyrics. The use of keys on the song is a nice touch, this song could be used for those big moments on TV and I could see this be one of their big hits It’s less rock and more pop and straight down the line, Its an anthem which they do well. Wait Forever is like the first track in song structure catchy well written and solid vocals and melodies and excellent musicianship. Thousand Miles has a great intro with the guitar playing and use of the keyboard done nicely and Robin vocals just perfectly used. Then the band comes in full flight and it all works together nicely. Its another anthem another radio hit in the making. Unbreakable has some excellent musicianship, vocals that shine and some excellent lyrics, it’s a catchy rocking tune that shows off the band. Night Skies has a great use of keyboard through out the track, band just work really well together and the solid production shines through out the song like it does with the rest of the album. Best Kept Secret has some excellent keyboard playing and the use of guitar alongside the vocals and keyboard are a solid touch. Then when the band comes in properly in full flight just truly works and alongside the good use of backing vocals is a plus. Its another song like pretty much all the songs that radio could pick up and play easily. It’s another pick off the album for me. The Awakening is another solid song, love the intro into the song and Robin Vocals shine. The end track Illuminate is an amazing song which also happens to be the title track off the album is a masterpiece, a song that could be a big hit for them. I reckon, the way the song opens with the keyboard and robin vocals the use of the guitar, drums and bass all work together well, this song shines, its an anthem, a hit in the making. Seriously this album is a masterpiece, a first class effort for a band who are going to be one of the next big things in music worldwide. Getting James Paul Wisner to produce the album was a great choice, the album sounds amazing. If you wanna hear an amazing album by an amazing band this one is it.


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