• April 21, 2021

Chaos Divine – The Human Connection (Firestarter Distribution) album review.

Chaos Divine – The Human Connection (Firestarter Distribution)
Ok I have had this album for a while and finally got around to reviewing it and yeah leave it to a Perth band to release of the best must have metal albums of the year. It’s music with balls,energy, melodies and a singer who can sing as well as growl and do it amazingly. The first song off the album One Door, which hits the album off on the right note, which is an amazing song that highlight the ban talent for writing these amazing long epic anthems that show off the bands talent for songwriting, vocals, lyrics and musicianship. Songs like At The Ringing Of The Siren, The Beaten Path show off the bands knack of killer riffs, energy and musicianship in the music. Chasing Shadows, Beautiful Abyss would be two of my picks off the album alongside One Door amazing guitar playing, vocals, melodies and the quality production shows off here perfectly.  Invert Evolution would be one of the shorter songs off the album most songs are over 6 minutes but it doesn’t hold back on the energy, intensity that the band delivers with it’s music. It finishes off with the song No Road Home(Solastalgia) which is an epic track and finishes off the album well. This is an amazing album, melodic metal done so well, production is first class, songs are are all written well and David Anderson is the perfect front man for this band, he a solid singer who can sing real well and has the lyrics to back it up. Firestarter have done it again, You Need This Album, it is one of the best albums of the year.


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