• November 20, 2019

Catherine Traicos & The Starry Night – The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky Album Review

Catherine Traicos & The Starry Night – The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky (An Ocean Awaits Records/Fuse Music Group)

This is Catherine latest album with her band The Starry Night and if you love Catherine music much as I do you will already be getting it, if you do not you’re missing out on a fantastic singer songwriter who is going from strength to strength with her new release. Listening to the album I got a sense of her songwriting, the way the songs were constructed to how the performed and sung. Her songwriting is always something special and unique and you can tell in these 11 songs. Songs like Sunshine highlight her songwriting, the musicians and vocals. Songs like Carry Me Away just remind me of why I got into her music in the first place, show off Catherine lovely voice, the way it’s beautifully written and performed. The production of this album by Paul McKercher is nothing but first rate, he also recorded it as well. It’s a nice sounding album. Catherine Traicos to me has always be a fine singer songwriter, her new album only adds to what is a solid body of her work so far. She something special on the Australian music scene. It’s about time you check it out and be taken some where special. Top Stuff.


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