• June 17, 2019
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Sophie Miller Interview

Sophie Miller Picture copyright respected holders. Interview With Sophie Miller By Chris 13/2/06 Sophie Miller was one of the contestants on Australia Next Top Model and was my favourite and know she got what it…

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Cynthia Popper Interview

Cynthia Popper Picture copyright respected holders. Interview With Cynthia Popper By Chris 8/10/05 Cynthia Popper is one smart girl who has a english major degree, Who who has a segment on the TV show Rob…

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McKenzie Closen Interview

McKenzie Closen Pictures Copyright Import Turner Magazine Interview With McKenzie Closen By Chris Mckenzie Closen has been in Playboy,Been COED Of The Month But she is much more than that. She studies Marketing. She has…

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Anika Knudsen Interview

Anika Knudsen Pictures Copyright Respected Holders Interview With Anika Knudsen By Chris Anika Knudsen is one cool model who has featured in Playboy. She is defently going places with her modeling so we wanted to…

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Shleena Dunn Interview

Shleena Dunn Shleena Dunn is one smart beautiful girl who is studying Psychology. But she also posted for Playboy October 2001 Girls Of SEC Edition and in 2002 College Girls (Spring) Special Edition Magazine. She…

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Kelsey Simpkins

Kelsey Simpkins Picture copyright respected holders. Interview With Kelsey Simpkins By Chris Kelsey Simpkins is girl who has graduated from college with an English Degree. Plus she has been in 2003 Girls Of Big 10…

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