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Heavily influenced by life and driven strongly by a “never back down” attitude, Brisbane’s young pop-punk five-piece, Call The Shots, have their sights set high and are destined to become one of pop-punk’s best new acts.  With the release of their second EP on the horizon and the band’s new single ‘Alexis Texas’ set to drop as a free download for fans on January 23, the band are about to give fans plenty to sink their teeth into.

Taking influence from predecessors including Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Bowling For Soup, amongst others, singer Josh Setterfield’s lyrics are taken from “my own personal experiences and feelings.”

The band’s 2011 release of their debut EP ‘Crank Up The Happy’, which was released free to fans through their official website and garnered over 3000 downloads, garnered airplay across major and independent radio networks including airplay on youth network Triple J. This release set them in motion allowing them to embark on an East Coast tour where they played sold out shows.  Their touring resume also includes supporting the likes of Mest, The Wonder Years, Tonight Alive and Rufio.

An acoustic cover of Simple Plan’s ‘Jet Lag’, with the female vocals being determined via a fan competition, has exceeded over 12,000 views on YouTube; it also topped the Tweet-For-A-Track charts for more than ten days – a feat that was even recognized by Simple Plan themselves. “We were lucky enough to have Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau tweet us and congratulate us on our efforts,”said Setterfield.

Interaction with their fan base is key for Call The Shots – Josh Setterfield (Vocals), Dion Cerreto (Guitar), Greg Mandall (Guitar), Damien Thompson (Bass) and Riley Boyce (Drums) – creating initiatives to make the fans feel as though they are the sixth member of the band and doing what they can to involve them in every step of the band’s growth. “Our fans mean nothing less than everything in the world,” says Josh.  “Our music is a reflection of us but also what I am feeling from the stories they’re saying. I just want to lift people’s moods and make them feel like they aren’t alone through bad times.”

Recent success has seen the band secure a spot in the Dolly Magazine’s Hottest 100 for “Hottest Band” based on the strength of a reader poll.

Set for release in early March, the band will deliver their new 7-track EP “When Everything Goes Wrong” and features the guest vocal from front man Tony Lovato of US punk rockers Mest.  Ahead of the EP release, the band will drop their first single ‘Alexis Texas’ which will be available for free download via the band’s Triple J Unearthed page – www.triplejunearthed.com/CallTheShots – on January 23 accompanied by the music video.

Call The Shots have never been more ready to get back on the road and share their new music. With infinite determination and unconditional love for what they do, Call The Shots will be a band worth watching closely!

www.calltheshotsofficial.com | www.twitter.com/calltheshotsau | www.youtube.com/calltheshotsband


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