• June 23, 2021

Caity Lynn

Photo provided by Caity

The amazing Caity Lynn is starting up a business called Desert Sky Spiritual. It is a metaphysical shop. She will be doing readings and also sell art related to healing.

The business will be up and running by November the 1st. Will have more info soon when I get it. Just watch this space

I came across Caity Lynn last year and was like who is this person. I like what I wrote here last time so using it again. I have to know more, she is unbelievably beautiful. She is an actor and a model and is making a name for herself in Los Angeles and around America.

The talented lady has been in multiple commercials. Celebrity music videos. Even Greys Anatomy, Get this published in 6 magazines. This talented lady is making a name for herself. I know people will be wanting her in their projects.

She is extremely hard working getting her name out there and I know she gonna be a huge talent real soon. Watch this space mark my words. One of my favorite discoveries of the last 5 years.


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