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Bryan Estepa

Bryan Estepa

Bryan Estepa

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Interview with Bryan Estepa By Chris 23/9/08

Bryan Estepa is an Sydney singer songwriter signed to Melbourne record label Popboomerang Records and his latest album Sunday Best is a pop classic so many gems on it. It’s seriously worth checking out

Read on kids and find out about the artist known as Bryan Estepa

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1. How does a Sydney artist get signed to a Melbourne record label?

Through the gool old fashioend way of sending yer album out to a billion labels and hoping someone takes a fancy. In came Scotty and popboomerang

2. Why write a song about Carl Wilson?

He is probably the most overlooked Beach Boy but amazingly talented nonetheless. I just wanted to give the man some love.

3. What was the inspiration for the album Sunday Best?

Pretty much what was happening around me, my relationships and getting out of my 20’s.

4. How long did it take to make the album this including the writing of the music?

Probably 3 months. Lost a bit of momentum whwen I went on tour to Spain & US.

5. Are you happy how the album turned out?

I’m stoked at how its turned out!

6. Are you happy with how it has been recieved?

The reception for the album is more than I could have asked for!

7. What inspires you when writing music?

Same answers as Question 3!

8. How did you get into Music?

I think it was inked in my DNA by my parents who always had good music playing around me from the time I was born.

10. What one thing you don’t like about the music industry?

Its hard to make a living out of it unless you are signed to a massive label or happen to be the right artist at the right time and place.

11. Does it annoy you when you see artists who are in privileged positions in the music industry (E.G. having a major label deal) and screwing it up?

Not really. being signed to major label is a gamble for all parties involved, so either/or can screw it up or make it a monumental success.

12. What have you been listening recently that you really enjoyed and people should check out?

My Ipod tells me that I’ve been listening lately to:

Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Gary Louris & Elvis Costello.

13. Have you had much response from overseas labels?

Just from my Spanish label Rock Indiana records. They are good folks.

14. How did William Bowden get involved with mastering the album?

been a fan of his past work and was highly recommended.

15. What is next for Bryan Estepa?

I’ve strted writing songs for the next album, so i’ll keep churning them out. Plus a return tour to Spain next year.

16. Have you had much response from radio?

All the community radio stations like FBI, 2SER, RRR, PBS & ABC Radio have been great in giving the tunes a few spins.

17. How did you get the album released in Spain?

Through MySpace and sending out a copy of the album. They liked it and released my 1st album ‘All the bells and Whistles’ and it went alright.


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