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Blow Up Betty Interview

Blow Up Betty

Blow Up Betty
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Interview With Kim By H. Kenneth-Michael for Parx-e.com 22/11/07

Blow Up Betty are an all girl rock ‘n roll outfit from Adelaide, Australia. Forming in 2003, they took some time out upon the release of their E.P “Asing For Trouble” to answer some questions for parx-e.com. Despite recently announcing the departure of their original drummer, the girls are looking forward to a huge 20 date national tour starting in December.

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1. From the perspective of someone who has just heard your new recording, when did Blow Up Betty form & are there any other releases?

Blow Up Betty formed in late 2004 and we’ve had several line-up changes since then, finally settling on the current line-up in late 2005. We released our first EP, Blow Up Betty in August 2005, but that’s now out of print, which we’re really glad about 🙂

2. How long did it take you all to write, rehearse, record, produce & package “Asking For Trouble”?

Asking For Trouble has been the longest process of any recording project that I have been a part of. We began demoing these tracks in February 2006, and stepped up our rehersal schedule with the aim of being in the studio by September 2006. Life happens, things were postponed and we ended up recording in December/January of last year. 3 weeks in the studio, and lots of late nights, girlie fights and general moodiness – it was awesome fun! We launched Asking For Trouble in April 2007, and it’s been full steam since then!

3. Name three Musical Influences…

We all listen to way different stuff, so I’ll try and speak for everyone when I say The Donnas, Sahara Hotnights and Veruca Salt…and melody pops.

Three Non-Musical Influences…

Australian Idol, Linsay Lohan and licorice

4. Describe what you think is the biggest obstacle in the way of young up & coming musicians in Australia today?

Lack of accessability. We’ve found that maintaining our independance has been a good and bad thing – great because we have a say in every aspect of the creative process, but bad because we find it hard to get support shows with big bands, reviews, or even to get people to listen to our music.

5. On the other hand, what is the biggest positive about being such an artist/band in Australia at the mo?

Diversity – there is so much different stuff going on in the Australian music scene that an artist can be influenced by several different things at the same time. There is always new and exciting music being made, people just need to spend the time looking for it 🙂

6. Favourite gig?…Why?

My favourite gig that we’ve played was Taste of Chaos 2006 @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre. 15 mins, 3000 people and one chance to feel like a rockstar…it was an amazing experience.

Favourite gig that I’ve been to? Recently, Pink – an amazing live performer. But when I was younger I was into punk bands, and managed to catch Frenzal Rhomb, Less than Jake, The Porkers, Eskimo Joe and Toe to Toe on the same bill…wicked fun gig!

7. What do Blow Up Betty expect to be doing over the summer months?

Preparing to tour – we’re heading to NSW and QLD during January, so I’d like to get some new songs together for the tour. Getting all of the posters and promotional material together is going to be a lengthy process too, so that needs to be done. Lots of fun stuff!

8. What do you like to do to chill out during your down time?

Work jobs to pay rent, hang out, do coffee, talk (a lot!), play crappy songs we make up on the spot, random roadtrips…the usual stuff really!

9. Finally, Where do you see the band being in 5 years time?

Ideally, in LA doing the band circut there – we’d love to get out and explore the world…hopefully the world is ready for four really crazy chicks! BUB xoxo


H. Kenneth-Michael for Parx-e.com


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